Candy & treat bags

Halloween treat bags are an essential part of Halloween for trick-or-treaters! Find unique bags that compliment your look all at great prices.

Halloween treat bags are an essential part of Halloween for trick-or-treaters! Find unique bags that compliment your look all at great prices.

Halloween Treat Bags for Kids and Party-Goers

Delicious sweet treats are a huge part of Halloween for kids and adults. Whether you're getting candy from your neighbours or you're hosting an event and you want to put together some party favours, trick or treat bags are a must-have for October.

Shop Walmart Canada to find a selection of trick or treat bags for kids and adults who want to chow down on some candy. You can even decorate your own with Halloween accessories that make your goody bags unique. Fill up your treat bags with tasty Halloween candy and treats

Trick or Treat in Style

Trick or treating is a big part of Halloween for most kids. While you might not want your kids to eat every piece in their candy bags at the end of the night, you know that kids take great pride in getting as much candy as they can. With bags for trick or treating from Walmart Canada, you can make sure your kids can haul as much candy as they can carry.

Bags that feature unique jack-o-lantern motifs, skulls, spiders and more get your kids into the Halloween spirit. Great everyday deals let you buy in multi-packs for your kids and their friends. You can also buy individual bags at incredible prices.

Leftover bags also make excellent lunch bags for your kids the next day. You can even take all that leftover candy that the tricksters didn't get to work the next day in your fun Halloween bags.

Don't forget to get your maskhat or cape for a fun adult costume while you're shopping.

Plan Your Party 

The spiked zombie punch might be a bigger hit at your adult Halloween party than the candy, but that doesn't mean adults don't have a sweet tooth too. Load up your guests with their favourite candy options by creating a candy bar and providing gift bags so they can get their fill.

You can also use our Halloween treat bags to hand out candy for a child's party. Just make sure you don't send them home with so much candy they don't sleep for a week! It's easy to do around Halloween.

Decorate Your Own Bag

Our readymade bags are perfect for collecting candy or giving out treats to your party guests. You can still personalize them with Halloween accessories like stickers that feature bats, skulls, witches and more.

Decorating treat bags also makes a great activity for kids that you can do before Halloween. Even young kids who can't help with outdoor or indoor décor can enjoy decorating their treat bag with the whole family. Art supplies like markers allow your kids even more control over their designs.

You can also create ultra-scary Halloween gift bags with items like fake blood. Just a little smear can go a long way, and if you make them ahead of time, they'll be dry and won't rub off on your guests' clothes or costumes when they walk out the door with their treats.

Browse Walmart Canada for all of your Halloween essentials. Our everyday low prices on items like costumes, masks, candy and more let you shop for all of your Halloween needs.

We also have Halloween movies if you want to keep it low key and wait for the zombies to retreat in the morning! Spend your Halloween partying, trick or treating or just taking it easy this year.




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