Everything You Need for a Fun-Filled Easter 2019

Though it jumps around a bit on the calendar, Easter Sunday goes hand-in-hand with the coming of spring. Every year, both children and adults look forward to the fresh spring blossoms, sweet chocolate, delicious food, and fun family activities that mark this holiday.

Walmart Canada has everything you need to prepare for Easter 2019 and to make it a memorable experience for your kids. Whether you are setting up an egg hunt, cooking up a feast for your loved ones, or looking for meaningful gifts, you'll find everyday low prices on all the essentials.

Chocolates and Crafts for Fun-Filled Egg Hunting

There's no doubt that kids start dreaming of candy and chocolate as the warm weather of spring begins to approach. While most kids love chocolate any way they can get it, a big part of the fun during this holiday is the traditional chocolate egg hunt. Walmart Canada carries Easter chocolates and candy in the shape of eggs and other fun designs, such as bunny rabbits and baby chicks.

Make this year's hunt even more fun and immersive by getting a little crafty. Gather up some arts and crafts supplies and enlist your kids to help create decorations that can be hung up around the house and yard, and pick up some food colouring and art supplies to dye and decorate your Easter eggs.

Kitchenware to Complement Your Cooking Skills

If you're going to be hosting friends and family at your home for Easter dinner, then you need all of the right kitchenware to prepare and serve your culinary creations. Having the proper cooking supplies will help you whip up your side dishes with ease and make quick work of any main dish, including roast turkey, honey-glazed ham, roasted lamb, sheet pan salmon, and your signature casserole. Serve your guests on beautiful new dinnerware sets and send them off with leftovers packed neatly in your handy new food storage containers.

Meaningful Gifts for All Your Loved Ones

Aside from chocolates, this holiday is a great time to give meaningful gifts to your loved ones. If you and your family are celebrating more of a traditional Easter, then you may want to give your gifts earlier in the week, on important days such as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Not sure what sorts of gifts to buy? Consider surprising your kids by hiding some small plush toys around the home for them to find during the egg hunt. For an older child, a spouse, a parent, or a close friend, a beautiful piece of religious jewellery might be just the thing. Walmart Canada carries a selection of cross necklaces and other types of jewellery featuring religious motifs. Your loved one will be sure to cherish the gift as a keepsake for many years to come.


No matter how you're planning to celebrate Easter 2019, you can rely on the fantastic selection of chocolates, cookware, and memorable gifts available at Walmart Canada to help make it a success. Our holiday store also carries everything you may need for celebrating any other holiday throughout the year, ensuring that you're always ready to make the most of the occasion.




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