Easter 2020

Celebrate Easter 2020 during the April long weekend. You can find Easter gifts, supplies, candy and chocolate, and much more at great prices with Walmart Canada. Whether you're planning a fun Easter egg hunt or gathering ingredients for a dinner feast, hop to great savings!

Celebrate Easter 2020 during the April long weekend. You can find Easter supplies at great prices with Walmart Canada. Hop to great savings!

How to colour and decorate Easter eggs

Before you begin…

Before you work on your blank canvas that is the Easter egg, ensure all eggs aren't broken or cracked. After washing your hands, begin by hard boiling the eggs. Once boiled for about 10 to 15 minutes, let them sit in cold water until they are cooled off completely. Wear gloves and use lots of old newspaper on your work surface to avoid stains.

Using crayons and markers

Crayons and markers are great options because they come in just about every colour imaginable and unimaginable! They're easy to use, safe, and typically mess-free. Pro tip: for a more permanent look, go for Sharpie markers.

Colour dye that stands out

Colour dye really allows the colour to seep into the egg's shell, creating a bolder look and adding an extra oomph. Use paintbrushes and rubber bands to create fun patterns and artistic expressions. Get crazy with it!

Fun stickers that bring out the kid in all of us

Who doesn't love stickers? They're easy to apply and peel off. Plus, they come in lots of designs, colours, shapes, and patterns. Stickers are mess-free and make for great decorative styles on your Easter eggs!

Fast drying acrylic pain

For the artist in all of us — acrylic paint adheres to the surface easily and naturally. With lots of colour combinations and ease of use, acrylic paint is great for kids. Pro tip: paint half the egg and leave it to dry in a safe place. Then proceed to complete the other half later, to avoid finger smudges.

Food colouring

Similar to colour dye, food colouring is a great way to give your Easter egg that special pop of colour. With some vinegar and hot water mixed in a bowl, drop 15 to 20 drops of food colouring. Look to get creative and combine primary colours together to create new colours!


Make This Easter 2020 an Unforgettable Celebration

People observe Easter in many ways, from egg hunts to dawn worship services, but it’s also a time for families to come together. Watching little ones squeal with delight and smelling mom’s homemade cherry pie are just some of the pleasures of this long weekend.

Walmart Canada has the supplies you need to make Easter 2020 one to remember. Stock up on chocolates, plush animals and miniature toys for the kids, and treat the adults to a savoury meal around an inviting table display.

Scatter Rainbow-Coloured Easter Eggs Around Your Home

Start the Easter 2020 season off with a traditional egg-colouring party. Gather boiled eggs, dyes and stickers, and watch the creative spirit come out in kids and adults. Once you’ve completed this project, turn your talents to cookies. Oval-shaped cutters, sprinkles and icing tubes make it easy to create edible works of art.

For Easter egg hunts, it's best to use plastic eggs. These snap-open containers can be filled with small wrapped candies or even handfuls of jelly beans and Smarties. Hide them outside or throughout your house, and make sure to place a secret note in one which entitles the winner to something extra-special.

Fill Her Basket with Treats and Huggable Delights

The size of the basket often determines its contents. However, there’s no harm in a little stacking and overflowing. Small doll and animal figurines fit nicely, and there’s always plenty of room for scattered candies and Cadbury eggs. Surprise older girls with beauty aids, such as nail polish, body lotions and hair clips. Top everything off with an adorable stuffed Easter bunny or yellow chick.

Fill His Basket with Snacks and Heroes

Action figures in all shapes and sizes mix well with trading cards and gum. Older boys adore video games, while their little brothers still love to cuddle plush cartoon figures. Don’t forget plenty of candy bars and maybe a few sour gummies and fruit snacks.

Dress Your Best on Easter 2020

April 12, 2020 is your day to shine, and Walmart Canada has Easter outfits for him and her that celebrate the return of spring and reflect the importance of the holiday. Look for dresses, tanks and light cardigans, all in delightful pastels and floral prints. Brighten up his look with vibrant polos and resort shirts.

Little girls love to twirl and dance in flowy dresses and ruffles while toddler boys can be just as active as ever in outfit sets.

Gather Together for Home-Baked Goodness and Family Time

While the kids are kept busy with eggs and candy this Easter 2020, the adults can enjoy a relaxing day with the family. Whether you prefer a brunch or a formal sit-down dinner, Walmart.ca has kitchen tools, table decor and pantry items to ensure your meal is tempting and delicious.

Make your table setting extra special by choosing Easter-themed decorations, brightly coloured tablecloths and floral centrepieces. Small appliances like roaster ovens and slow cookers give mom a chance to visit with family and friends while cooking up family favourites like glazed ham and creamy mashed potatoes.

Thanks to this April long weekend, you have time for a family game night. Choose a kid-friendly version to start the evening, then get competitive later on by playing group party games with older siblings.

Walmart Canada’s Easter 2020 tips, supplies and recipes can help you make the holiday memorable from Good Friday to Easter Monday, whether you’re keeping old traditions or starting new ones.




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