Lunar New Year 2021 gifts & decorations

Celebrate Lunar New Year 2021 with gifts and decorations

Make Lunar New Year 2021 the best yet with gifts and appliances that help you celebrate the holiday. Prepare Spring Festival meals with Lunar New Year gifts like rice cookers, microwaves, and pressure cookers that speed up food preparation. Delight family members and friends by creating meals using traditional Asian ingredients. Visit Walmart Canada for Lunar New Year decorations and supplies for 2021.

When is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is on Friday, February 12, 2021. This festival is closely related to Chinese New Year and Spring Festival which runs at the same time.

What is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is based on the lunar calendar which follows the complete cycle of phases of the moon. Lunar New Year is a great time for families and friends to bond and be together. It is also the time of the year where homes, streets, stores, and buildings are decorated with red, which is the main colour of the festival. During Lunar New Year 2021, people exchange red envelopes, by hand or electronically. The red envelopes represent good luck and fortune!

Celebrating Lunar New Year

The Year of the Ox begins on Friday, February 12, 2021 and there's plenty to do in the weeks surrounding Lunar New Year. From visits with loved ones to neighbourhood celebrations, the festivities encourage reflection on the past year and fond dreams for the months ahead. Prepare for your party with cookware and small appliances that help you get a variety of dishes on the table quickly. From talkative roosters to fiery dragons, people of all animal signs can enjoy the biggest holiday in the Chinese lunar calendar!

Preparing your Spring Festival feast

Cooking a special meal for Lunar New Year Day is a family tradition and Walmart Canada has the tools and appliances you need to craft everything from classic dishes to inventive fusion cuisine. Rice cookers and food steamers simplify preparation of healthy, nutrient-rich meals, while drip coffee makers let you quickly prepare a pot of hot coffee for unexpected guests who drop by during the holiday season. Pressure cookers and multi pots help you create traditional Chinese dishes in a fraction of the time and microwaves give you the option of easily warming leftovers to enjoy the next day. Keep a cast iron or carbon steel wok on hand to create classic stove top dishes that inspire nostalgic thoughts of Lunar New Year feasts from the past.

Enjoying authentic Asian flavours

Make a memorable meal featuring authentic flavours with sauces, canned goods, and other ingredients typically used in classic Chinese and East Asian cuisine. Bagged rice and dried noodles make it simple to prepare a hearty base for your favourite Chinese dishes and dried spices help you achieve just the right flavour. Coconut milk, stir-fry sauce, and rice vinegar are pantry staples, while peanut oil and soy sauce in bulk bottles let you keep a steady supply of these essentials year-round. Stock up on green tea and packages of traditional treats to offer your guests before or after the big meal. An electric water dispenser gives guests the option of preparing their own hot tea or enjoying a cup of warm water as they wish and stainless mug tumblers let you carry a hot drink with you while you head out to enjoy temple fair celebrations or lion dance performances.

Creating a festive atmosphere

For Lunar New Year 2021, create a fun, festive atmosphere that invites everyone into the celebration with decorations, food and gifts honouring the season. Party supplies featuring bright red tones get guests in the mood for a Lunar New Year event. Decorate your door with welcoming hangings that invite friends to step inside, then fill your home with celebratory decor to set the right tone for your Spring Festival feast. Packs of melamine, wood, or bamboo chopsticks provide a ready supply for guests who sit down for a traditional meal at your table and decorative dinnerware and serving plates keep everything looking coordinated. Set all of your dishes at the center of your dining table for easy access or set up a buffet on a sideboard to let party guests nibble on traditional treats throughout your event.





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