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One of the most exciting parts about heading to campus for college or university is moving into your dorm room. For a lot of students, it’s the first time they get to live on their own and experience independence first hand. But that comes with a lot of responsibility, even on top of school work. A great way to get ready for the big move is by making a dorm room shopping list.

What should be on your dorm room check list? We recommend adding things that will help make school life a little bit easier for you. Items such as alarm clocks to wake you up, bedding for a good night’s rest and storage bins for everything in between. Dorm rooms aren’t the most spacious living areas, especially if you have a roommate. But with the right space planning and organizing, your dorm can feel just like home. Cleaning, washing, cooking and staying organized are just some of the responsibilities that come with living on your own on campus. Besides staying clean and tidy, living in a dorm room can be a lot of fun. Dress it up with bedding and other dorm room decorating ideas – your dorm, your style!

Don’t wait for the back to school rush. Start thinking about your university checklist or college checklist ahead of time. Make moving into your dorm room an easy, enjoyable transition by shopping for dorm room essentials at Get ready for life on campus.




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