Find the Right Retirement Gifts for a Hard-Working Special Someone

Giving gifts for retirement offers a chance for you to change pace and buy something unique or fun for someone who is making the move from a work lifestyle to one that's more leisurely. Picking out retirement gifts doesn't have to be hard work, either. With a wide selection of items at Walmart Canada that support numerous hobbies and activities, you can find something to interest your friend or loved one. And you don't have to resort to cliches like golden watches to do it.

How to Choose Retirement Gifts

There's no magic formula for picking out gifts for retirement. Yes, employers traditionally give items like engraved clocks or watches, but the retiree in your life probably doesn't need more gadgets to keep his or her time in line once they punch out for the last shift. In fact, you're more likely to get a smile from them if you choose fun gift ideas that let the retiree engage in the lighter side of life during golden years. Check out these tips for choosing retirement gifts for men and women.

Personalized Retirement Gift Ideas

Sometimes the perfect gift is something you pour your own creative heart into. If you know the person retiring well, consider making them something that shows you're thinking of them. Stock up on yarn and crochet a blanket they can cozy up with as they enjoy reading books or watching movies during retirement, or buy a pretty photo album and make memory books commemorating favourite moments during their career. You can also capture memories in gorgeous frames or shadow boxes the retiree can display in his or her home.

And if you aren't crafty or artistic, personalized gifts can be as simple as a gift card presented within a card or alongside a letter full of your heartfelt well-wishes. Consider recounting something the person did during their career that you found meaningful or helped you or thanking them for something specific instead of just offering general appreciation for their service.

Retirement Gifts for Women and Men Who Want to Stay Active

If the retiree in your life loves to stay mobile or has hobbies that keep him and her on the go, look for gifts that serve those purposes. Great retirement gifts can include golf balls, luggage or a tote bag if the person intends on travelling or an activity tracker for those who want to keep up the pace even after they leave the bustle of work life.

When choosing activity-based gifts, make sure you consider what the person is interested in or wants to learn. Someone may have expressed a desire to get more involved in yoga, for example, and you could create a themed gift basket with a yoga mat and a few other supplies to get them started on a new journey.

Great Retirement Gifts to Support Leisure Lifestyles

But don't forget that retirement is somewhat about stepping back and resting after years of a job well done. Even those who intend to remain somewhat active probably won't pass up a chance to luxuriate in leisure here and there during the week. Gifts that support this can range from new wine glasses or coffee mugs the retiree can use during long conversations over drinks to iPads and other tablets that let them stay connected with the rest of the world, no matter what retirement brings.

Celebrate Retirement in Big and Small Ways

And don't forget to celebrate the actual event in whatever way that best honours your friend or loved one. That might be a small gathering in the break room with cake or a big bash at home that includes all their co-workers, friends and family. Walmart Canada offers everything you need to plan for a party or buy a lovely gift for someone who is making this big transition.




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