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Stock Up on Essentials with Grocery Store Finds

Get everything you need to feed your family for the week ahead with grocery store finds from Walmart Canada. Whether you want fresh ingredients for home cooking, fast and simple frozen foods ideal for busy students or snack fixings for weekend parties, this selection of groceries provides all that and more. Household supplies, health and beauty items, baby care supplies and commonly used outdoor products round out the offerings, helping you get all the necessities on your list in one handy spot.

Fruits and Vegetables

Browse the grocery store selection of fruits and vegetables to easily plan meals for the week. Get nutrient-rich greens like spinach, kale and cabbage for salads and side dishes, fresh and filling potatoes, carrots and onions for tasty stews and roasts, and pre-cut ingredients like squash, brussels sprouts and mushrooms to round out your daily meals. Fresh fruit like peaches, apples and oranges satisfy your sweet tooth while adding to your nutrition levels. Fruit and veggie packs or pre-made salads and meals make an excellent addition to lunch boxes, whether you pack them for yourself, your little ones or your significant other.

Dairy and Eggs

Enrich your meals with dairy and eggs from Walmart Canada grocery aisles. Choose from a vast array of cheeses to top casseroles, add to sandwiches and snack on with pretzels, and select sour cream-based dips to bring some pizzazz to plain potato chips whether for everyday snacking or party food. Fresh milk and cream work great for numerous recipes and cooling down your morning coffee, while rich, tasty butter enlivens toast and adds flavor to numerous meat and vegetable dishes. Yogurt, pudding and gelatin make fast, easy snacks, both for at home and on the go, and farm-fresh eggs bring some protein to your breakfast and moisture to cakes and desserts.

Meat and Seafood

Make delicious main dishes with meat and seafood from's grocery store. Whether you order for pickup or grocery delivery, you always get high-quality food. Discover a variety of different beef cuts, including ground beef for soups and stews and thick steaks ideal for grilling, and find top-notch veal cutlets when you have scallopini on the menu. Use bone-in chicken breasts and thighs for classic fried chicken, or put the boneless versions to work in baked dishes and stews. Cook up some delicious pork chops, and season side dishes with tasty bacon offerings. Hot dogs and sausages make quick, easy additions to cookouts, and frozen meat patties work great on the grill. Satisfy your taste for coastal recipes with seafood fillets from salmon, haddock and tilapia. No matter the recipe, this selection has what you need for drool-worthy meals.

Pantry Staples and Snacks

Stock up on staple products with pantry foods from Walmart Canada. Select flour for various needs like baking and dredging, and choose sugar varieties ranging from basic cane to dark brown. Discover chips and snacks in numerous flavours and textures, and find dry pasta, rice and beans that last the long haul stored in your pantry. Canned sauces speed up nightly cooking tasks, and marinades and spices help you achieve the best possible flavor in your meals. A wide selection of canned food lets you stock up on basic veggies like green beans and whole kernel corn, and it also includes soups, stews and chilis for quick, easy meals when you don't feel like cooking from scratch. Condiments and toppings offer a versatile way to enrich your favourite sandwiches and salads, and international food offerings make it simple to experiment with new dishes.

Frozen Foods

Enjoy the convenience and speed of frozen foods from Walmart Canada's grocery store freezers. Pop a tasty pre-made pizza in the oven on nights when you work late and want a treat, or heat a box of frozen lasagna in the microwave to satisfy your cravings without the hard work and expense of from-scratch dishes. Breakfast foods like sausage and biscuits, frittatas and waffles help you get your family out the door to work and school in a flash. For a tasty treat, choose ice cream and frozen yogurt, or select frozen fruit to make homemade smoothies for after your workouts. Frozen vegetables make it simple to add nutritious side dishes to your nightly meals without the hassle of cutting and prepping, and frozen meat and seafood let you stay stocked up when you just don't feel like grocery shopping for main dish ingredients.



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