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When you want a quick bite between meals or some casual nibbles for party guests, a full pantry keeps you covered for all occasions. Save time and stock up without leaving home by ordering all your favourite chips and snacks online at Walmart Canada. offers a wide selection of sweet and salty snacks, including potato chips, trail mix, granola bars, crackers, cookies and candy, all at the affordable prices you love. Order and pay online and have your chips and snacks grocery delivery brought right to your door.

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Whether you’re playing cards with a few friends or hosting a backyard barbecue, potato chips are an easy, go-to snack food. Walmart Canada stocks popular brands including Lay’s and Ruffles, which come in flavours such as salt and vinegar, barbecue and sour cream and onion. Plain or ripple chips are also a great option and perfect alongside a tasty flavoured dip.

Round out your party food with pretzels, cheese-flavoured puffs, cracker-style chips or veggie chips. If you add soft drinks or sparkling water to your cart when you're buying chips and snacks online, you're set for any gathering.

A selection of crackers is handy to have when you've got the afternoon munchies. Choose from multigrain, wheat or vegetable crackers, with delicious flavourings such as olive oil, tomato, herbs and cheese. Crackers are tasty right out of the box, and make a hearty snack with peanut butter or a slice of cheese. Gluten-free crackers are available for those with dietary needs.

If you like the crunch of tortilla chips, check out Walmart Canada's wide selection of Doritos in zesty flavours. Plain, salted or multigrain tortilla chips are delicious with guacamole or salsa or as the base for homemade nachos underneath gooey cheese, chopped tomatoes and other toppings.

Sometimes you need a snack when you're on the go, so the next time you buy chips and snacks, be sure to fill your pantry with nuts, dried fruit and trail mixes at Walmart Canada's everyday low prices. These snacks are easy to take with you and help keep you energized when you're hiking, camping or heading out on an airplane or road trip.

On the days you’re running late or don't have time for breakfast, a granola bar can tide you over until you have time to stop for a meal. These are individually wrapped and small enough to throw in a bag so you’ve always got one when your stomach starts to grumble. Some chips and snacks also come in pre-packaged, individual servings, so they're easy to add to a child's lunchbox to keep them fuelled for the school day.

Don't forget to add something sweet to your cart when you shop chips and snacks online. You can choose from a full selection of cookies at Ginger snaps or butter cookies make a good afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of tea. Decadent chocolate chunk or fudge cookies are perfect for serving to guests when arranged on a dessert platter with cupcakes or squares. Walmart Canada also has popular chocolate brands, including Lindt and Cadbury, in convenient snack sizes or full-sized bars to share.

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Shop chips and snacks online at Walmart Canada and save time and hassle when you're ready to stock your pantry. All you have to do is add your favourite granola bars, cookies, crackers and candy to your online shopping cart and arrange for a convenient chips and snacks grocery pickup at a selected Walmart Canada location.


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