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Many snackers enjoy the satisfying crunch of chips and other salty snacks, but their busy lifestyles keep them from searching store aisles for what they need. lets online shoppers buy the same potato chips available for in-store purchases quickly and easily, and you can fill your online cart from any compatible smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Find all your favourites, from salted kettle chips to crunchy cheese puffs, at Add them to your online cart, then request a grocery pickup at a time that fits your schedule. Walmart Canada has the chips you need at everyday low prices, whether you're shopping for family movie night or preparing for your little one's birthday party.

Include fresh chips in your next snack, movie, game night, and more

Explore chips and other crunchy snacks for every craving at Our tasty options include potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, cheese puffs, snack mix and potato sticks. Shoppers seeking healthy choices can fill their online carts with popcorn, rice chips and veggie sticks as they buy chips online. Crackers, including saltines and veggie thins, are other options for rounding out a supply of savoury noshes.

Walmart Canada has an assortment of chips from trusted brands, including Frito-Lay products such as Doritos, Lay's, Tostitos, Ruffles and Cheetos. Portion a party-sized bag of Doritos or Lays into individual storage bags for mindful snacking, or buy a variety pack of Frito-Lay snacks for hassle-free lunch prep. We also carry products from familiar favourites such as Miss Vickie's, Quaker, Pringles and SkinnyPop.  

Classic salted chips are a pantry staple for many shoppers, but you can also try fun flavours such as all dressed, sour cream and onion, barbecue, dill pickle and ketchup. Spicy flavours, including jalapeno cheddar and sweet chili, are ideal for snackers who crave chips with a kick. Look for unsalted or lightly salted varieties if you need a low-sodium snack.

Shop chips online for every dietary preference at Walmart Canada. Use the handy filter to narrow down your search, whether you need gluten-free snacks or chips that contain no dairy, soy or egg. Organic chips and snacks made without artificial colours and flavours are available, and you can even find crunchy goodies suitable for Paleo, Whole30, vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

Provide salty snacks for family game night or movie night with help from We have chips for every palate, from toddlers who like simple flavours to adults craving snacks flavoured with cheese or hot sauce. Chips pair well with sandwiches and wraps, and they're a welcome addition during a picnic in the park. Pack a few bags of salty snacks for your next road trip or visit to the beach, or enjoy them during an outdoor concert.

Many snackers love eating chips straight from the bag, but you can enhance the flavour of salty snacks with sour cream and chip dips. Chips also pair well with salsa, bean dip, guacamole and other snack essentials from Walmart Canada. Choose a sturdy chip, such as one with ridges or made from corn, for thick dips made from cream cheese or mashed beans.

Chips also make an appearance in recipes rather than just a snack on the side. Top pantry staples, such as macaroni and cheese or canned chili, with crushed chips for extra flavour. You can also cover sliced bread with chips when you make a sandwich or add chips to salads, soups or casseroles for a hint of crunch.

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Enjoy more time with family and friends when you shop chips online at Instead of browsing through store aisles, find your favourite chips and other grocery essentials online with the tap of a screen or the click of a button. When you see a product you want, place it in your online shopping cart, then continue shopping for household supplies until you have everything you need. Select a Walmart Canada that's convenient for you, such as a location by your home or office, then schedule a pickup. Slots are available in the morning, afternoon and evening, making it easy to buy chips online and pick up groceries at your convenience.


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