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Sometimes you feel like wandering store aisles for crackers and other groceries, but if you’d rather stay home to save time or want to see what other customers say about the products you need today, is here for you. Our digital shelves are stocked with old and new favourites, from traditional saltines to dipping wafers, for every occasion. 

Include fresh crackers in your next snack

Like toast or on-the-go bars, crackers can be a delicious snack all on their own. In fact, many of our products, like those from Goldfish, are packed by themselves for walks, morning commutes and play dates. Crackers also can offer satisfying crunch on top of soups and salads, give a reliable foundation for meat, spreads, yogurt, cheese and other foods, and pair well with a variety of dips. 

But with a little imagination, uses for crackers go through the roof. For example, you can crumble them on top of homemade mac and cheese or scalloped potatoes instead of bread crumbs, layer them in desserts, use them in breading for fish, chicken or other meats or mix them into meatloaf. They also work in trail mixes, pie crusts and casseroles. The basic idea with most of these dishes is that the cracker adds bulk and works like a binder. It’s just a matter of finding the cracker with a flavour that complements your other ingredients. 

Walmart Canada has crackers to liven up any palate. For instance, brands like Good Thins and Ritz offer options like beet, cheddar, pretzel, ranch, spinach, sour cream and onion, garlic and barbecue. 

You’ll also want to look at the cracker’s texture. Some, like classic saltines, are light and airy, so they work best as crumbles or with light spreads. They can also bring a satisfying contrast and finishing touch to hearty meals like chilli. Other crackers, such as those from Triscuit, are much sturdier and denser, so they can be more filling and stand up to heavier meats, cheese slices and dips. Prepared well, they can serve as meals or substantial appetizers in their own right. 

But don’t choose a cracker for taste and texture alone — nutrition and diet matters, too. Options such as whole wheat, multigrain, chia or veggie crackers can help ensure that you’re not consuming empty calories, and they can have a better profile in terms of fat, sugar and fibre. In the same way, some options, such as rice crackers from brands like Want Want, can be good choices for people with gluten sensitivities. You also can find low-sodium or no-salt varieties, which can help if you have a condition such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. 

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Whether you just want to shop crackers alone or want to restock your entire kitchen, offers a convenient grocery pickup option to make life a little easier. Just tell us which store you’d like to swing by to grab your groceries and select a time for your visit. We’ll comb our shelves, pack up your order and have it ready to go when you arrive. Grocery delivery is always a choice for those times when you need to stay home, and it makes a great way to send a care package to people you love, too.


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