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Buy all your granola bars & snack bars online through Walmart Grocery 

Spend less time grocery shopping and more time doing the things you love with’s granola bar and snack bar grocery delivery service. Use the convenient online interface to search for your favourite bars by flavour, brand name and price. When you shop for granola bars and snack bars online at, you can enjoy the same huge selection you’d find in-store but from the comfort of your home. Take your multitasking to a new level and place a quick order while making dinner or knock out your grocery shopping for the week after getting the kids to bed

Buying granola bars and snack bars online is also an excellent way to shave a few dollars off your monthly budget. At, our granola bars and snack bars have the same everyday low prices you’ve come to expect from our non-grocery items. Get a better deal on top brands, such as Nature Valley, Clif bars and Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bars, or find even more savings with our budget-friendly Great Value brand. All of our granola bars and snacks bars have the exceptional quality you demand for your family and buying online can help you lower your grocery bills and save on gas money.

Include granola bars & snack bars in your next snack or to satisfy a sweet tooth

On busy days, granola bars and snack bars can be the difference between staying energized and struggling until your next meal. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or stocking up on quick snacks for work and school,’s online selection has you covered. From healthy, natural and organic options to sweet treats including Pop-Tarts and Rice Krispies squares, has the right snack bars for any moment in your day. Consider trying our protein-enhanced granola bars for a fast meal replacement on busy days when you can't break away for lunch. 

Shopping for granola bars and snack bars online can also help those with dietary restrictions stay fuelled no matter what comes their way. Many granola bars, including some choices from Nature’s Path, Kind and Enjoy Life, can be great gluten-free options when you're on the go. Try some hearty trail mix bars or nut butter-filled bars for a filling, nutrient-dense option if there are no vegetarian or vegan options on the menu at mealtime. Everybody loves a sweet treat once in a while, and chocolate-dipped granola bars can be a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while cutting out some sugar and adding some extra protein to your day. Keep your family focused and energized throughout the day with these tasty granola and snack bar choices from Walmart Canada. 

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

In addition to saving you time and money, offers a range of helpful tools to help you grocery shop on your schedule. Use the online shopping list feature to save your favourite snack bars and granola bars and pull them up without any searching. There’s also no need to rush through checkout. Just fill up your online shopping cart and your items are saved until you’re ready to complete the order. When it’s time to check out, choose a local Walmart Canada store as the pickup location and receive a notification when your order is ready. Then simply stop by for a fast, easy pickup. Alternatively, choose the granola bar and snack bar grocery delivery and have your items brought directly to your door. 

Granola bars and snack bars are a versatile, tasty and fun way to stay energized and makes it easy to buy all your favourite brands online. 


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