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These days, people are busier than ever. If you're not juggling your work life with your family life, you're trying to spend time with friends and make sure you have enough time for self-care. With the online grocery service, spending hours at the store doesn't have to be part of that balancing act. Online pickup saves you money by helping you find top brands at everyday low prices, and it saves you time by eliminating the need to walk up and down the aisles in search of your favourite items. Instead of spending your free time shopping for ice cream cones and toppings, spend time doing something you enjoy and let Walmart Canada take care of the rest.

Shop ice cream cones & toppings for your next snack

Unleash your inner child when you shop ice cream cones and toppings online and create decadent snacks and desserts. Not only do these ingredients taste good, but colourful sprinkles, candies and maraschino cherries can also be used to create eye-catching cakes, sundaes and party treats at home, helping you stick to your budget when it comes to planning birthday parties and other special events.

Having a make-your-own sundae bar is a budget-friendly way to feed a lot of people. Go traditional with hot fudge and whipped cream on top of your favourite ice cream, or get creative with chopped nuts, peanut butter chips and rainbow-coloured candies. Make any party more fun by letting kids choose toppings and decorate their sundaes after an adult does the scooping.

Ice cream cones and toppings can be incorporated into other baked goods and snacks, making them extremely versatile. Pretzel rods dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles or chopped nuts are an inexpensive gift for any occasion. For a sweet treat that's easy to eat on the go, pour cake batter into a cupcake pan and top each cup with an ice cream cone. When the cupcakes are done baking, decorate them with frosting and any combination of toppings. Your favourite toppings, such as butterscotch chips and baked apple chips, can also be baked right into cookies, muffins and cupcakes, helping you make the most of the ingredients in your pantry.

Waffle cones, sugar cones and wafer cones also make an excellent base for treats that don't involve ice cream, pudding, gelatin or cake. Next time you go camping, surprise everyone with S'mores made with waffle cones instead of graham crackers. For a healthier treat, fill waffle cones with fresh berries, grapes and chopped pineapple. Ice cream cones can also serve as an edible container for dry cereal, pretzels, potato chips or candy, eliminating the need to wash extra dishes or throw away paper plates and bowls.

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Ordering online couldn't be easier. Simply search for your favourite ice cream cones and toppings, add them to your online cart and choose a pickup time. Employees at your neighborhood Walmart Canada location will pick each item with care and have your order ready at your convenience. Achieving work-life balance can be a real challenge, but Walmart Canada makes it easier to find time for the things that matter most. 


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