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Save time from your busy day and buy groceries such as butter and margarine at It's fast and easy to place a grocery pickup or delivery, so you can enjoy buttered bread or corn on the cob without making a trip through the aisles of the supermarket. Shop butter and margarine online and easily find your favourite products at affordable prices.

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Butter and margarine are kitchen staples, with a smooth texture that makes them perfect for spreading on foods. The rich, slightly sweet and salty undertone enhances a variety of dishes when you're cooking or baking.  

Choose from a great selection of brands when you shop butter and margarine at You can buy unsalted butter if you're keeping an eye on sodium intake or want to balance the flavour of your cooking and baking. Some people prefer salted butter for the appealing taste. also offers the choice of easily spreadable margarine in convenient tubs. Offering the rich taste of butter, margarine is typically made from vegetable or plant-based oils and is available in regular, olive oil or vegan versions at our everyday low prices.

Buy butter and margarine online and make sure you have these velvety spreads on hand for all kinds of tasty breakfast options. Top a stack of fluffy pancakes with a pat of golden goodness and then add some maple syrup for a satisfying start to your day. Or, spread margarine or butter on a muffin, bagel or hearty slice of toast with a spoonful of bright strawberry jam on top.

A sandwich doesn't feel complete without margarine or butter spread thickly on fresh bread. Butter pulls together all the tastes in a sandwich, whether you like your sandwich lightly toasted, grilled with melted cheese or made on chewy soft bread and cut into triangles.

Butter can also help infuse herbs and spices into foods when you're cooking. Melt some butter in a pan and saute some garlic or onions before searing a steak. Mix up all kinds of smooth, velvety sauces for chicken, pork, scallops and lobster. Finish a dish of steamed vegetables with a dollop of glossy butter or add a dab of margarine and sour cream to baked potatoes for a little zest.

When you're getting the table ready for dinner, set out a dish of margarine or butter to accompany fresh rolls. You can soften the butter and mix in herbs, garlic and cheese for an extra flavour punch. Or mix honey into the butter and make a slightly sweet spread.

Flaky pie crusts, fluffy cakes and melt-in-your-mouth shortbread results from creaming butter together with ingredients such as sugar and eggs. Butter is an essential ingredient that helps give an airy lightness to baked goods and a crispness to delicious cookies.

When you're settling in to watch your favourite TV show at the end of the day, treat yourself to a bowl of popcorn. Pull out the popcorn maker and while the kernels are popping, melt some butter or margarine to drizzle on top of your snack. Pick up some soft drinks and you're all set for movie night.

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