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Browse cheese and other dairy products for your favourite meals at Cheese plays a starring role in a variety of recipes, from creamy macaroni to mozzarella-topped pizza. This culinary staple also pairs well with crackers or sliced fruit, and you can even enjoy it straight from the package.

Keep your fridge stocked with mealtime essentials and explore online options for every budget. Shop for cheese online at your convenience, then pick it up at a nearby Walmart Canada location when you're ready. makes it easy to find everyday low prices on the cheese products you want without searching store aisles.

Include fresh cheese in your next snack, meal or entree

Enhance your next meal with smooth, rich cheese products from trusted brands. Cream cheese and cottage cheese often appear during breakfast or brunch. Spread a dollop of cream cheese on a bagel, or mix it with sugar for a sweet pastry filling. Some people enjoy cottage cheese plain, while others prefer it topped with fruit or crushed nuts

Sliced cheese complements the flavour of burgers and deli meat. Top your sandwiches with sliced deli cheese, or try packaged slices in an assortment of flavours. Consider individually wrapped options, such as string cheese or marble cheese sticks, if you or your family enjoy snacking on dairy products.

Block cheese and shredded cheese products lend a welcome creaminess to many dinner recipes. Grate a block of cheddar over baked potatoes or scrambled eggs, or sprinkle shredded cheese on tacos or nachos. Shredded cheese also boosts the flavour of soups, salads and casseroles. Melt block cheese with milk or cream for a decadent dip or thick pasta sauce.

Some shoppers prefer dairy-free options made from vegan products. has several cheese products made without dairy milk, including sliced and shredded varieties. You can also find numerous lactose-free options, including shreds, slices and sticks. 

Cheese plays an important role in many savoury meals, but it also gives some desserts their signature smoothness. Shop cheese products for sweet recipes such as cheesecake, cream-filled pies or marbled brownies. Some bakers make homemade treats, such as cinnamon rolls or cookies, drizzled with cream cheese icing. You can also transform a block of cream cheese into a rich frosting for cupcakes or birthday cake.  

Keep several blocks of cheese on hand so you're prepared for hungry guests or family members. Cream cheese pairs well with diced vegetables or herbs if you need a savoury dip, while block cheese is ideal for charcuterie boards or kid-friendly snacks. Stock your fridge with calcium-rich shreds so you have quick toppings for wraps or rice.

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Buy cheese online for meals or snacks from Walmart Canada, whether you're searching for lactose-free options or classic cheddar blocks. Browse a selection of cheese products from trusted brands, then find other household essentials, such as cleaning supplies and personal care staples. Place the products you need in an online cart, then schedule a grocery pickup at a time that's convenient for you.

Walmart Canada offers an assortment of time slots from morning to night, making it simple to pick up orders when your schedule allows. Shop for cheese and other products from your home or office, then head to the store when you're ready. has the essentials you need at budget-friendly prices, whether you're shopping for yourself or buying food for your family.


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