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Cream cheese boasts a signature smoothness that helps it pair well with everything from baked goods to creamy casseroles. It's a breakfast staple for many shoppers, but you can also use it for snacks, desserts or savoury recipes. Walmart Canada has an assortment of cream cheese options at our everyday low prices, whether you prefer classic blocks or veggie-flavoured spreads. Buy cream cheese online at for yourself or your loved ones, then schedule a pickup time at your earliest convenience. Time slots are available from morning till night, making it easy to squeeze a cream cheese grocery pickup into your busy schedule.

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Shop cream cheese online at and explore a variety of products, from classic blocks to whipped spreads. Traditional cream cheese plays a starring role in many recipes, but you can also try flavoured spreads infused with tasty ingredients such as garlic, chives, jalapeno and salmon. Smear plain or flavoured varieties on bakery products, such as bread or bagels, or coat a crunchy cracker with this popular product.

Walmart Canada offers many sour cream and chip dips, but you can also make your own dip with cream cheese. Combine a softened block with sour cream, then add your favourite mix-ins or toppings. Add a jar of salsa for Tex-Mex flavour, or combine cream cheese with powdered sugar and chocolate chips for a fruit dip or graham cracker spread. You can also combine shredded cheese, fresh herbs, crushed cookies or diced veggies with cream cheese for an appetizing dip.

Satisfy hungry guests during a birthday party or baby shower with cream cheese appetizers. Cream cheese pairs well with deli meats and bread, but you can also transform it into a sweet frosting for cakes and brownies. Spoon this refrigerated product into tortillas or wonton wrappers for hassle-free appetizers, or combine it with crushed graham crackers for a sweet treat.

Cheesecake tastes delicious when you make it with unflavoured cream cheese, but you can also use this dairy-based product for cinnamon rolls and pastry fillings. After breakfast ends, reach for a block of cream cheese when you make soups, casseroles or macaroni and cheese. You can also stuff burgers and chicken breasts with flavourful fillings made from cream cheese.

Many keto followers enjoy making fat bombs with cream cheese, coconut oil, heavy cream and chocolate or cocoa powder. You can also prepare keto-friendly sides with cream cheese, such as creamy spinach mixed with a block of cream cheese and topped with shredded cheddar.

For dairy-free delights, make meals or snacks with Daiya cream cheese. This lactose-free spread glides smoothly across bread, and you can also use it for desserts or pastry fillings. offers an assortment of dairy-inspired products without milk or lactose, including yogurt and cheese.

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Shop cream cheese online at Walmart Canada and check off your grocery list quickly. Add spreads or blocks of creamy goodness to your online cart, then browse other household supplies, such as pantry essentials and cleaning supplies, before you place your order. offers pickup slots throughout the day, so you can come get your groceries during the time frame that works best for you. Park in a designated spot and relax while we load your trunk with everything you need, whether you're shopping for yourself or need food for your family.


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