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Cater to all of your family’s cheese needs from the comfort of home when you shop string and sliced cheese online at Walmart Canada. Pre-sliced cheese saves you prep and clean-up time in the kitchen, and’s great prices save you money. Add to that the ability to shop online at a convenient time that fits your busy schedule, and you can understand why Walmart Canada’s string and sliced cheese grocery pickup option is so popular.

Buy string and sliced cheese online from some of your favourite cheesemakers, who put the same high-quality care and select ingredients into their cheese slices as they do their block cheese. Thanks to’s wide selection of string and sliced cheeses, there’s truly a cheese for everybody, even the vegans in the family.

Include string and sliced cheese in your next snack, meal or side dish

Maybe you’re a traditionalist who prefers one of the many mozzarella-style string cheese selections in stock at Walmart Canada. Or, perhaps, you take a more progressive approach, preferring marbled or twisted string cheese combos that include cheddar in the mix. No matter how you savour your string cheese, it makes a superb grab-and-go snacking choice for both kids and adults alike.  

Individually wrapped string cheese tucks into purses, backpacks and lunch boxes easily, and each serving provides wholesome protein. It’s also a great source of calcium, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones.

People who can’t digest the sugar found in milk can enjoy lactose-free, part-skim mozzarella string cheese from makers that include Black Diamond. Those looking for a plant-based alternative might enjoy Daiya's dairy-, soy- and gluten-free string cheese sticks. When the snacking occasion calls for something a bit more gourmet, reach for individually wrapped gouda or semi-soft ripened cheese snacks from popular brands such as Babybel. 

When you’re short on meal prep time but don’t want to sacrifice flavour for convenience, select sliced cheese from your preferred producers. A cheddar-style processed cheese product melts quickly when laid over beef burgers on the grill or eggs on the stove top. Pre-sliced marble cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack jalapeno slices add a new flavour dimension to your everyday grilled cheese sandwiches when layered between your favourite sliced bread.

Individually wrapped, pre-sliced cheese is great for portion control if you’re counting calories. It also offers food safety convenience because there’s no need to handle the cheese for cutting and portioning, and there’s no cutting board to wash down afterwards. Look for value-size packs of sliced cheese that often contain twice the amount to save even more time and money while giving your family their favourite selections. 

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout makes it easy to buy string and sliced cheese online in seconds. If you know what you want, just click the plus sign in the big green circle to the right of your product. You can even increase the quantity from that page, and the items are instantly added to your virtual shopping cart. At a glance you know exactly what’s in your cart, how many of each product you've selected and your subtotal because it’s all clearly shown on the category page. For more specifics on the product’s ingredients or nutritional information, just click on the thumbnail photo.

When you’re done shopping, choose a nearby Walmart Canada location and schedule the pickup time that’s most convenient for you. Your string and sliced cheese online purchases are picked fresh, packed with care and waiting for you at the store nearest your home. Convenience, affordable prices and the high-quality grocery products your family loves most are what you find when you shop string and sliced cheese online at


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