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When it's time to purchase baking and cooking necessities like eggs, meat, milk and flour, Walmart Canada has the variety you need at prices you can afford. Online shopping is easy, and you can complete your order on any smart device. Shop eggs online along with all the grocery basics you need to keep your family feeling healthy and satisfied.

Include fresh eggs in your next snack or meal

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods around, and Walmart Canada carries an extensive selection, including white and brown assortments in jumbo and large sizes. Choose between 12- and 18-count cartons in free-run, organic and grain-fed varieties.   

On their own, eggs provide a substantial amount of protein, with both the yolk and white contributing to the total gram count. Simple boiled eggs are a great, healthy lunchtime treat for kids and adults alike, and they're easy to pack, whether for work or outdoor picnics. Walmart Canada has pre-peeled, ready-to-go packs of boiled eggs for extra convenience.

Eggs are almost a necessity for successful baking, helping to hold the whole mixture together and providing added richness to the finished product. Enjoy fresh baked goods in minutes, thanks to boxed cake and brownie mixes all available online. Most just require adding an egg and some water or oil. And, when you're ready to try some scratch baking, Walmart Canada has the dry ingredients you need, including wheat and rice flour and brown, granulated and icing sugars.

Custards need eggs to thicken into decadent creme pies, and you can't create a sky-high meringue without some fresh egg whites. Stock up on eggs and egg products from Walmart Canada to keep your kitchen full of sweets and treats for the whole family.

From scrambled and sunny-side-up preparations to soft-boiled and poached, eggs are the foundation of many Canadian breakfasts. Don't forget the meat sides, from sausage or bacon, to chicken-fried steak. Try your hand at delicious eggs Benedict varieties — whether you make your hollandaise sauce from scratch or buy a dry mix — they're sure to be a hit. Top biscuits with salmon or Canadian bacon for an extra special taste sensation.

Overnight breakfast casseroles are great for saving time in the morning. Layer ingredients the night before, pour an egg mixture on top and refrigerate. The next morning, place in the oven for a hearty start to your day. You can choose to go savoury with peppers, onions, potatoes and cheese or sweet, sprinkling raisins and cinnamon over leftover bagels.

Light lunches are easy to put together with a side salad and a spinach or asparagus quiche. Reduce your time in the kitchen with pre-made crusts and aluminum foil pie pans, just bake, serve and toss — no washing required.

Eggs are just as crucial for dinner. Pasta dishes with cheese fillings, like manicotti and lasagna, rely on eggs to bind the ricotta or cottage cheese. Add in some Italian seasoning and Parmesan for a flavourful hearty meal. Fresh sliced bread with garlic butter adds the final touch.

Picnics and barbecues are the perfect opportunities to showcase your cooking eggs-pertise. Fresh potato salads laden with chopped hard-boiled eggs and creamy dressings are the perfect accompaniment to burgers on the grill. Or, whip up some fancy deviled eggs by mixing in unusual spices and maybe a garnish or two. Whether spooned or piped, these pretty creations are year-round favourites.

Also, you can try your hand at egg white omelettes or choose liquid egg products. Some baked recipes may allow you to substitute a portion of egg whites for whole eggs, but you may lose some of the rich texture.

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When it's time to order your egg grocery pickup from Walmart Canada, simply click on the products of your choice. Keep browsing online until you've filled your online shopping cart with all the items on your list and are ready to check out. At that time, you can choose your pickup slot time or delivery, if available in your area. Then with all the free time you've saved by shopping eggs online, you can start baking those melt-in-your-mouth treats.


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