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Browse an appetizing array of flavourful sour cream and chip dips online at Explore popular options, such as tangy sour cream to creamy guacamole, from your digital device, and then add your favourites to a virtual cart. Take your time shopping, and then buy sour cream and chip dips for grocery pickup at your convenience. Walmart Canada has sour cream and chip dips at everyday low prices, making it easy to fill your fridge with family favourites.

Include sour cream and chip dips in your next snack, meal or side dish

Enhance your snacking experience with sour cream and chip dips for every palate. Dunk potato chips, pretzels and other salty snacks in a dairy-based dip made from fresh sour cream, or smear a creamy herbed dip on crunchy crackers for a bite-sized appetizer. Many savoury dips also pair well with tortilla chips and veggie crisps.

You can buy sour cream and chip dips for meals rather than snacks. Serve a side of sour cream with chicken tacos or bean burritos, or place a dollop on quesadillas or fries. Coat bread alternatives, such as uncooked tortillas, pita bread or flatbread, with a spoonful of cream cheese dip instead of mayonnaise while making lunch. Spreadable dip lends a smooth, rich flavour to sandwiches and wraps, and you can add minced or chopped herbs for an extra boost. Instead of topping food directly with dip, consider spooning sour cream or an avocado dip in a mini bowl for easy access during meals.

Sour cream and chip dips are snacking staples, but they also play a key role in many popular recipes. Combine sour cream with a jar of salsa or homemade broth for a creamy soup, or mix it with shredded cheese for a calcium-rich casserole. Sour cream even makes an appearance in many sweet treats, including muffins, cakes and cupcakes, because it helps make baked goods more tender. Shop sour cream and chip dips online, and experiment with different recipes for your loved ones.

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Keep plenty of mealtime and snacking essentials on hand when you shop sour cream and chip dips online at Shopping is simple, and you can do it from home, work or on the go. Just add your favourite dips and other household supplies to your online cart, and then check out  when you're finished shopping.

Schedule a grocery pickup at your local Walmart Canada when it's convenient for you, whether you go before work or after soccer practice. Stay comfortably seated in the parking lot as helpful employees bring your sour cream, chip dips and other products straight to your vehicle.


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