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Yogurt is a delicious, nourishing food that makes a great breakfast or snack. It can also be used to create tasty smoothies, frozen treats, dips and baked goods. Find popular brands and flavours at everyday low prices when you buy yogurt online at It’s a convenient way to shop for grocery essentials from the comfort of your own home. You can pick up your order at a selected Walmart store or have a yogurt grocery delivery brought right to your door.

Include yogurt in your next snack or dessert

Shop yogurt online at and select plain or sweetened varieties, including classic vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Some brands make tropical flavours, such as key lime, mango and coconut for a delectable taste experience.

Yogurt can be purchased in different sized containers based on your needs. Keep a larger tub on hand to enjoy a bowlful whenever the craving strikes. You can also purchase variety packs of different flavours in single-serve cups. These individual servings are handy for adding to a lunch box or taking on the go as a quick, portable snack.

Plain yogurt is tasty when livened up with a drizzle of maple syrup or honey, fresh or frozen fruit, and a sprinkling of granola. Flavoured yogurt is already sweetened and frequently enjoyed as is.

While yogurt is delicious on its own, it's also used to make other dishes. You can blend yogurt and fruit to create a delicious smoothie or freeze it with fruit puree in ice pop moulds for a refreshing homemade treat. There are also recipes for yogurt-based dressings, dips and cakes, offering many ways to enjoy this creamy, luscious food.

Types of yogurt

When you buy yogurt online at, there are many varieties to choose from. Since it's sometimes confusing to know the difference, here's a quick guide to help you pick the product that's right for you.

Traditional stirred yogurt, also known as Swiss-style yogurt, has a smooth, thin texture. Some have fruit purees stirred in for a boost of flavour.

If you prefer a thicker consistency, opt for a Balkan yogurt, which is set in individual containers and not stirred.

Greek yogurt, which is sometimes called Mediterranean-style, has the thickest, creamiest texture. It's usually made with high fat milk or cream and the whey is separated out to make the yogurt more solid.

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Find a wide selection of yogurt online at Walmart Canada, whether you enjoy this delicious food on its own or use it in recipes. Shop for yogurt at and click on your favourite brands to add them to your online grocery cart. You can enjoy everyday low prices and the convenience of shopping from home, and then select a Walmart Canada store for your yogurt grocery pickup.


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