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You know those days when all you want to do is live in your PJs? The ones where you’re so busy you’d give anything to steal back five minutes just to be you? Yeah, that's one big reason why we created, where you can scan product reviews before you buy, shop drinkable yogurt and other munchies with just a few clicks and stay organized for meal planning. Whether you’re looking for more variety in your diet or want to perk up your taste buds on your morning commute, Walmart Canada has the drinkable yogurt you’re craving at wallet-friendly prices. 

Include fresh drinkable yogurt in your meal replacement, snack or beverage

One of the best ways to eat regular yogurt is topped with fruit or a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup or mixed with a grain like granola. But when you’re on the go and need your yogurt to be portable, different varieties of drinkable yogurt can be flavourful alternatives that let you skip all the mixing. 

Walmart Canada offers a full inventory of drinkable yogurt options. Raspberry, banana, peach, vanilla and strawberry are some of the most popular drinkable yogurts to explore. Brands like Yoplait and iOGO all approach flavoured drinkable yogurt with their own spin on thickness and sugar content, too, so you can find the texture and level of sweetness that’s just right for your personal preferences. 

Drinkable yogurts can be a refreshing drink with light meals like salads or veggie sandwiches, but they can function as their own snack or small meal replacement, too. In general, the higher the fat or protein content of the drinkable yogurt, the more filling it’s likely going to be.

And yes, you can use drinkable yogurt for cooking, too. For instance, drinkable yogurts can work in a lot of the places you’d use a combination of milk and regular yogurts, such as sauces, dips or soups. You also can use it for marinades, homemade ice pops or desserts like cakes. It even works as a flavourful variation on French toast batter. 

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Drinkable yogurt can be wonderfully smooth — and at Walmart Canada, we want the process of getting your online order to be smooth, too. For your convenience, we offer grocery pickup in addition to our convenient home delivery option. Simply tell us the Walmart Canada location you’d like to use for the pickup, and we’ll have it ready at a time you choose. Our store puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.


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