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Save time and money by shopping for Greek yogurt online at After a long week of work, school or family obligations, the last thing you need to do is make an extra stop by the grocery store.

Use’s yogurt grocery delivery service and get your shopping out of the way while also clocking some much-needed family time. Since you can log in to from anywhere, buying Greek yogurt online is also a great way to make the most of a few free minutes on your lunch break.

Shopping for groceries online can also help you and your family stay on budget and avoid letting food go to waste. Sure, it’s simple enough to add Greek yogurt to your paper grocery list, but do you know how much you already have at home? By shopping at home, you can eliminate the guesswork and ensure your family isn't overstocking on perishable foods. Thanks to helpful tools such as online shopping lists and order histories, Walmart Canada makes it easy to review past orders and keep notes on your favourite products, how much you spend and how often you may need to order. 

Include Greek yogurt in your next meal, snack or beverage

Available in a wide range of flavours, Greek yogurt is also a perfect way to bring some extra flavour and energy to fruit smoothies and protein shakes. Try mixing vanilla Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit salad and a dash of natural honey for a healthy alternative to ice cream for dessert. Non-fat Greek yogurt in vanilla or plain can also add a shot of tasty protein to the batter for your family’s next pancake breakfast. 

At, our huge selection of Greek yogurt can keep your refrigerator well-supplied without worrying about what’s in stock at the grocery store. Choose from single-serving cups and 750-gram containers from your favourite brands, such as Oikos, Skyr and Liberte. Our selection includes fat-free, 2% and 5% fat options, as well as dairy-free alternatives from Daiya. With active probiotic cultures, lots of protein, tons of flavour options and a rich, decadent texture, Greek yogurt is a smart choice to help keep your family happy and well-fuelled.

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

Using’s grocery pickup service, you can shop from the comfort of your own kitchen and add everything you need to your online shopping cart. Select your local Walmart Canada location during the checkout process and in-store associates will collect your item for a fast pickup at your convenience. Don’t forget, at Walmart Canada you can add anything from sporting goods to school supplies to your order, too. Whether you’re placing a full grocery order or just need to buy Greek yogurt, has the excellent selection, easy online ordering and everyday low prices to keep you on schedule and under budget. 



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