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Fill your chest freezer with frozen beef to have plenty of lunch and dinner options on hand whenever you need them. From frozen meatballs to beef patties to fun beef corn dog sticks, you can find plenty of frozen beef choices when you shop for groceries online at Walmart Canada.

Shopping online is easy and convenient and can even help save you money. Thanks to the cart total tracker that appears on the right side of your screen when you shop, you can keep yourself from going overboard on your grocery budget. Plus, you can take advantage of the everyday low prices Walmart Canada is known for.

Include frozen beef in your next snack, meal or side dish

Frozen beef meatballs are great to have on hand for an impromptu spaghetti dinner. Bake them on a cookie sheet according to package directions and add them to a slowly simmering tomato sauce with your favourite Italian spices. Combine with thick spaghetti noodles or linguini for a delicious dinner, and add a side salad to make sure your family's getting plenty of fresh vegetables.

Meatballs are also great eaten on their own wrapped in bacon — serve with roasted potatoes and corn on the cob for a delicious summer meal you can eat outside on the patio when the weather's warm. 

Some of the most popular frozen beef options at Walmart Canada are frozen beef patties. These versatile main courses are great for keeping in the freezer when you need a quick dinner paired with salad greens, fries or chips and some of your favourite sauces and condiments.

Find a wide selection of affordable frozen beef patties from Our Finest, which offers frozen burger patties in Ultimate Sirloin, Angus or Southwest-stuffed flavours. Choices noted as being raised without antibiotics may be healthy options for your family. Grill up some of these patties on your charcoal or gas grill, add some melted cheddar, Swiss or American cheese and dinner's on the table in minutes.

For a twist on everyday burgers, consider adding some of your favourite cooked toppings, including caramelized onions and bacon strips. Make sure to have plenty of barbecue sauce, ketchup and mustard on hand so your family can customize their sandwiches, and don't forget to add a crunchy dill pickle to everyone's plate.

If you want a burger alternative without the beef, opt for chicken or turkey patties that let you create a burger-like sandwich with leaner meat. Add lettuce, chipotle mayo or honey mustard sauce to create a tasty lunch or dinner.

Also found in this category are Jamaican-style beef patties, which are essentially beef turnovers. These usually have a yellow, tender pastry crust with either mild or spicy beef inside. These make great lunches or dinners with a few matching sides. 

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

Walmart Canada makes it easy for you to shop for your family's groceries online. Simply add your frozen beef items along with anything else you need from our store to your online cart. Keep track of your spending as you shop to make sure everything’s affordable and then choose the pickup option at checkout. When you do, you'll select a time that's convenient to your schedule to come collect your order from your local store. For days when you can't venture out, you might opt for grocery delivery if it's available in your area. It's just another way Walmart Canada aims to make your life easier.


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