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Salad greens and salad kits make a great addition to any meal. Serve them up as a side dish with a main course, such as chicken or fish and rice, or toss together an easy salad kit topped with leftover grilled chicken, dried cranberries and scallions coated with your favourite dressing for a light lunch.

Whatever your salad needs are, Walmart Canada has you covered with convenient online shopping. Save time and enjoy the convenience that comes from selecting salad greens and salad kits from the comfort of your home, all at the everyday low prices you've come to expect from Walmart Canada.

Include fresh salad greens & salad kits in your next snack, or meal

Toss handfuls of fresh baby spinach or kale into a morning smoothie to get your daily dose of greens, or pick up some Romaine hearts to prepare a homemade Caesar salad complete with grilled chicken, croutons and creamy dressing. Or for an easy solution, pick up a salad kit from Fresh Express that comes with everything you need right in the bag to fix a quick side salad.

Packages of iceberg garden lettuce include additional veggies like carrots and purple cabbage, perfect for topping tacos or chicken sandwiches. Convert a bag of Eat Smart broccoli slaw into a simple Asian-style salad complete with crunchy dried ramen noodles, scallions and peanuts tossed in a sweet, tangy vinaigrette. This type of salad works well as a potluck dish to bring to your next barbecue. 

Vegetable medleys, such as those with carrots, broccoli florets and cauliflower are great options roasted in the oven with spices or steamed to crisp perfection. Add a bit of salt and pepper to taste, and serve with a main course to help your family get their daily dose of vegetables.

Fresh Attitude offers multi-compartment options that let you create filling Greek or Southwest salads. They come with everything in the package, even the dressing, and make great at-work lunch options when you don't have time to heat up leftovers or head to a local cafe. Assemble one for a light dinner when the weather's warm or pick up some tortillas and create instant tasty wraps when you add some chicken.

While you're shopping for salad greens and salad kits, don't forget to browse for bottles of your favourite salad dressing. Whether you prefer creamy blends or sweet, savoury vinagrettes, you can find plenty of choices from familiar brands such as Kraft, Newman's Own and Litehouse.

Pick up a handy colander that makes it easy to wash and rinse your greens, and find a wide selection of summery bowls and plates for serving. Find all the tableware and accessories you need, including salad tongs, large salad serving bowls and flatware, to create a welcoming tablescape for guests or your family.

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