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It's no secret that beef is one of the most important and popular staples of the North American table. If your family loves beef, then Walmart Canada has great news: getting the very best in fresh beef and veal products from the store to your table has never been easier than with online shopping, pickup and delivery. 

The convenience of online shopping has become ever-clearer as time passes and technology advances, and there's never been a better time than today to discover that convenience in buying beef and veal online through Walmart's grocery. Save time, enjoy flexibility for those times when you may not want to go to the store in person, and benefit from Walmart Canada's unbeatable everyday low prices when you shop beef and veal online.

Include fresh beef and veal in your meal

There's an endless variety of ways to make beef and veal a delicious part of any meal. Barbecued hamburgers, ribs or steak, savoury oven roasts and pan-fried veal cutlets are traditional comfort food sure to please everyone. Classic dishes like beef stroganoff with al dente egg noodles, beef Wellington, carpaccio or scallopini can make a meal memorable and provide an excellent reason to buy beef and veal online. Whether you're giving your first try at making veal alla Milanese, cooking up your family's favourite hearty beef stew, preparing a delicious ribeye or discovering the melt-in-your-mouth joys of veal roast, you can count on Walmart Canada to have the ingredients you need and the most convenient way to get them. 

And after you've selected your beef and veal items, don't forget to add your chosen side dishes — couscous, rice and potatoes all pair well with the earthy, rich tastes of veal and beef. Fix a side salad with some fresh salad greens, and you've got a complete meal the whole family can enjoy.

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

It's quick and easy to shop for beef and veal online at Walmart Canada. First, go to's online grocery. You'll find everything from ground beef and sirloin steak to boneless stewing beef, roasts, wrapped beef medallions and organic burgers, all at everyday low prices.

Simply pick the items you want from the online store and add them to your online cart. You'll be notified when your order is ready for a quick and easy pick up at your nearest local Walmart location. With any order of $50 or more, you can even take advantage of Walmart Canada's prompt, reliable and friendly delivery service and have your groceries brought right to your front door.

Healthy selections, convenience, flexibility and value all come together to make shopping online for beef and veal one of the easiest possible decisions for today's homemaker. Walmart has everything you need to buy fresh beef and veal online from the comfort of your home, to arrange pickup or delivery around your schedule and to help you create wonderful meals that everyone can enjoy.


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