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When you’re short on time or just a little low on energy for the day, having some cooked and carved meats on hand can take the edge off and let you relax. But these don’t have to start in your own oven, slow cooker or other cooking appliance. You can shop cooked and carved meats online instead. This option can eliminate extra minutes you’d spend on food prep and save you a trip to the store, all at the affordable prices you expect from our entire online grocery inventory. From shredded chicken to pot roasts, we’ve got you covered.

Include fresh cooked & carved meats in your next snack, meal or side dish

Opting to buy cooked and carved meats online gives you an easy centerpiece for a hearty meal or snack. For example, a pork back rib in barbecue sauce, such as those from brands like Lou’s Kitchen, can pair well with potato wedges and fresh cornbread with a touch of honey. A little shredded chicken can pump up a homemade soup, shepherd’s pie or stir-fry for a more filling, comforting dinner, too.

But cooked and carved meats can also be a way to add flavour and bulk to lighter options. Shaved beef can taste wonderful with cheese and roasted mushrooms and peppers as a sandwich, or you can sprinkle a little chicken onto a salad with corn, beans, tomatoes and avocado.

Because these products are so versatile, they can serve you well at just about any time of day. A few ounces of chicken whips up fast in a skillet with eggs, for instance, or if you’re on the go, wrap it up as a breakfast burrito. Whether you need something to satisfy an after-work craving, contribute to the church potluck or serve at a party for your friends and family, our appetizing options are always available.

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

Like dairy, eggs and some produce, you’ll want to get your cooked and carved meats from the store to your fridge quickly to keep them fresh. That’s why Walmart Canada lets you pick up your online grocery order at a scheduled time that’s convenient for you. You also can have us deliver your order to your home when you’re in a pinch or just don’t feel like going out. 

Here’s how it works: Shop cooked and carved meats online and find the ones that appeal to you. Keep on shopping for as many items as you need. Then decide if you’re going to use grocery delivery or pickup and schedule the delivery or pickup time. If you choose delivery, we’ll hold your spot for 90 minutes — if you don’t check out by then, simply rebook another slot. Either way, we’ll prep your order as quickly as we can for you.

Walmart Canada recognizes the diverse customs and faith backgrounds of our customers. With beef, pork and chicken choices, you can find meat products that fit the traditions and beliefs that are meaningful for you. They also allow you to explore a good range of cuisines and expand your palate, giving you a bigger appreciation for the world around you.



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