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Buy all your seafood online through Walmart Grocery

Walmart Canada makes it easy to order seafood online and have it shipped right to your door. With just a few clicks, you can eliminate a trip to the grocery store and keep your freezer stocked up with seafood of your liking.

Include fresh seafood in your next meal

Whether you’re planning to entertain or whipping up a weeknight dinner for the family, our online seafood selection can help make your meal stand out. In the warm weather months, our fresh Atlantic salmon makes a great barbecue grill out. Try these meaty fillets marinated overnight or add a dash of smoky flavour and fun presentation by grilling these on cedar wood planks. Flaky haddock and mild tilapia fillets are also popular choices and work well battered and fried or pan-seared for fish tacos. has a wide variety of shellfish, including cooked mussels and clams, that pair nicely with pasta or traditional seafood boils. Shrimp available is also a perfect choice in a shrimp cocktail or grilled with veggies for clean, hearty kabobs. For a refreshing summer treat, make a simple ceviche by combining one of our white fish options with natural or imitation crab, lime juice, diced onions, tomatoes, avocado and seasonings. 

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

At Walmart Canada, we understand that sticking to a nutritious diet can be tough when you’re on the go. That’s why we offer several easy options to load up on seafood online. Simply choose the fresh seafood items you need, add them to your online shopping cart and proceed to checkout. During check out, you can choose to have your seafood shipped for home delivery or select grocery pickup at your local Walmart Canada location.


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