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Satisfy cravings for sweet or savoury foods with natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips from Walmart Canada. Enjoy the convenience of shopping on your own schedule for natural snacks, including gluten-free and vegan treats, from your digital device. offers an assortment of options for health-conscious shoppers, whether you want GMO-free cookies or snacks coloured with natural ingredients. Find everyday low prices when you buy natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips online at

Include natural and organic snacks, cookies & chips in your next snack, meal or side dish

Fuel your body with natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips from Walmart Canada. Numerous products are available, from cream-filled cookies to kid-friendly fruit snacks. Stock your pantry with protein-packed goodies, such as trail mix and nuts, or opt for calcium-rich options such as cheese crisps or pudding. also offers crunchy potato chips, chewy granola bars and soft cookies made from premium ingredients.

Many Walmart Canada customers who shop natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips online prefer gluten-free products. has a selection of gluten-free products, from gluten-free cookies to applesauce, nut butter bars and popcorn. Gluten-free bakery products, such as bread for sandwiches or toast, are another option for health-conscious shoppers.

Walmart Canada also carries a medley of vegan products, from lactose-free cheese sticks to fruit pouches and crackers. Browse by dietary needs, whether you're following the Whole 30 plan or need a paleo pick-me-up for your workday. You can also search for natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips made with allergy-friendly ingredients. Find crackers without soy or wheat, or look for dairy-free, nut-free treats.

Numerous potato chip options are available, including classic chips sprinkled with sea salt and unique flavours made from fragrant spices. When you want a potato chip alternative that still delivers a satisfying crunch, explore natural crackers, veggie crisps and pretzels from Other savoury snack options include jerky and tortilla chips. Snack on gourmet tortilla chips straight from the bag or pair them with salsa, guacamole or dairy-based dips.

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Check off your to-do list with healthy snacks from Walmart Canada for every budget. Shop for natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips online, and then add your favourite products to an online cart. When your cart has everything you need, browse time slots at your local Walmart Canada for natural and organic snacks, cookies and chips grocery pickup. After submitting your order, park in a designated spot for online shoppers and enjoy quick, convenient grocery delivery to your vehicle.


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