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Online grocery shopping has completely revolutionized the way busy people plan meals, find the right ingredients and pick up their grocery orders. Buying canned tomatoes and paste online makes it much easier to compare prices and unit sizes, ensuring shoppers get the most for their money. With a wide selection of products available online, shoppers can easily see what's available and plan their menus accordingly. Shopping online also eliminates the need to drive to the store and stand in line, giving shoppers more time to spend on other things.

Include fresh canned tomatoes & paste when prepping your next meal

Walmart Canada offers a wide selection of canned tomatoes and paste, giving shoppers a variety of options when planning their meals. Sun-dried tomatoes have a concentrated flavour, making them an excellent topping for salads and pasta dishes. Chopped sun-dried tomatoes can also be combined with fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar to complement the subtle taste of fresh mozzarella cheese.

The versatility of canned diced tomatoes makes them a must-have addition to any pantry. Diced tomatoes make a good base for spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce, especially when blended with basil, oregano or Italian seasoning. The diced variety also adds bulk to chili and stews, helping cooks stretch their budgets by preparing delicious meals without using large amounts of meat and other expensive ingredients.

For shoppers who buy canned tomatoes and paste online, cooking with San Marzano tomatoes opens up new possibilities. The San Marzano variety is just as flavourful as other tomatoes, but it has less acid, making it a good pick for shoppers who prefer sweet tomato sauces instead of acidic ones. San Marzano tomatoes are also known for their quality, which means they can be used right out of the can, saving cooks time on prep work. 

Unsalted tomatoes are ideal for shoppers who have to prepare lower-sodium meals for themselves or their loved ones. These tomatoes have less sodium than regular canned tomatoes, but what they lack in salt content can easily be replaced with low-sodium herbs and spices. To make a lower-sodium chili, unsalted tomatoes can be combined with black pepper, cumin, cilantro, chili powder and paprika. Unsalted tomatoes with basil can also be used to prepare seafood, vegetables and eggs.

Tomato paste is another versatile ingredient that can be used to prepare tasty, low-cost meals. Due to its concentrated flavour, a little tomato paste goes a long way, making it even easier for home cooks to stretch their budgets. Canned tomato paste is often used in spaghetti sauce, but it also adds flavour to meatloaf, soups and stews. This product contains very little water, which means it can be added to many dishes without watering down their flavour.

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With the grocery pickup service available at Walmart Canada, there's no need to look for a parking space or stand in line with a shopping cart full of groceries. Buying canned tomatoes and paste online helps to streamline the shopping experience, making it a convenient option for busy shoppers. To buy these products online, all a shopper has to do is visit the Walmart Canada website, add products to a digital shopping cart and choose a pickup time and location.


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