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Ensure your family has tasty morning meal options when you shop breakfast cereal online at Fill your online cart with delicious breakfast and cereal from trusted brands like General Mills, Kellogg's and Nature's Path, or opt for Great Value brands to make the most of Walmart Canada's everyday low prices. Whether you want sweet options fortified with vitamins, such as Corn Pops, to feed your picky child, the classic waistline-friendly crunch of Special K to help you stick to your diet or heart-healthy Cheerios for a well-balanced start to the day, provides you with groceries that suit your tastes.

Find your preferred pantry foods and household supplies at Walmart Canada. Our easy-to-navigate website lets you type in searches for frequently used products by name or brand, and special breakdowns of items in the side bar help you discover items with special features. Discover gluten-free breakfast cereal for those with sensitivities, vegan or vegetarian-friendly options that suit your lifestyle and paleo, Whole 30 and low-carb products that make meal-planning simple. No matter your lifestyle, we have products that meet your needs.

Include fresh breakfast cereal when prepping your breakfast or snack

Give kids the nutrition they need to get through busy days at school or play when you buy groceries and breakfast cereal online. Cinnamon Toast Crunch adds a spicy burst of flavour to morning meals, and Raisin Bran combines the juiciness of raisins with the fibre of bran. Different flavours of Chex breakfast cereal comprise the backbone of numerous homemade snacks and meals, mixing perfectly with nuts and pretzels for a tasty sweet or savoury treat or substituting for tortilla chips in Mexican-inspired casseroles. Chocolate options like Cocoa Pebbles, Lucky Charms Chocolate and Reese's Puffs help kids satisfy their sweet tooth while indulging in a balanced breakfast.

Choose Eggo breakfast cereal when you crave the taste of frozen breakfast foods like waffles but don't have time to make them, or select protein-rich options like Edge when you want something that fits with your keto lifestyle. Classic Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies make a great choice for adults who still love some morning crunch, and organic Kashi selections with less sugar than traditional cold cereals help those on a diet make good breakfast decisions. Whether you shop breakfast cereal online to keep your kids happy, speed up your morning routine or capture some childhood nostalgia, Walmart Canada offers delicious cold and hot cereal options that ensure a healthy breakfast.

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Choose breakfast cereal grocery pickup, and add items to your cart at your own pace. Shop on your smartphone between meetings, your laptop while commuting on public transit or your home computer after you wind down from work. Simply choose your local Walmart Canada, select a pickup or delivery time, fill your online cart with breakfast cereal and everyday essentials like pet supplies and baked goods and then order at your leisure. We notify you by email or text when your breakfast cereal online order is ready for pickup.

Alternatively, select breakfast cereal grocery delivery from The process works like ordering grocery pickup except our associates bring your order right to your door. This convenient service eliminates the need to leave your home for a shopping trip and ensures you get the household supplies you need with precision timing, giving you more time to spend with the ones you love.


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