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Walmart Canada wants you to have easy access to all your kitchen essentials, which is why we’ve got your favourite oils and vinegars online at the everyday low prices you expect. It’s a great way to stay stocked and find sales on your own flexible schedule, all while being able to see how your bill is adding up in your digital cart. 

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When it comes to oils and vinegars, not all of them are created equal — and that’s terrific. The huge range of these products means you can use a little science to get more control over how your meals and snacks turn out. 

Very generally, you can divide vinegars and oils into two broad categories — cooking and dressings/sauces. But from there, oils divide into three main categories: olive, nut and seed and vegetable oils. Vinegars divide into either cider or wine vinegars. 

Looking a little more closely at oils, one big consideration is the smoke point. This is the temperature at which the oil starts to break down in terms of flavour and nutrition.

When you’re cooking with high heat, such as deep frying your famous spicy chicken, good choices can include sesame, palm, soybean, avocado and peanut oil, which you can find from brands like Chosen Foods. These oils also make your summer family get-togethers a hit because they work when brushed on your grill. 

For mid-heat cooking, such as whipping up a stir-fry or a morning omelette, turn to oils like canola, coconut or extra virgin olive oil from brands such as Parachute. These also can be good go-to choices for baking, such as those can’t-stop-eating-‘em cupcakes, 

Finally, options such as flaxseed or walnut oil have the lowest smoke points. So they are better suited to drizzling over foods you’ve already cooked, adding to a smoothie or mixing into a satisfying salad dressing

Turning to vinegars, your biggest decision is whether you need the vinegar just for flavour or to work chemically on your food. For example, a little distilled white vinegar can turn milk into buttermilk. But because the flavour is so sharp, many people consider its real weight to be as an all-purpose cleaner. By contrast, balsamic vinegars can blend beautifully with other ingredients in dressings, while wine vinegars can help tenderize meat. 

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