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Complete everyday meals quickly when you buy pasta sauce from Shop pasta sauce online from your smartphone or tablet while on the go, pick out the products you need at lunchtime on your home office laptop or fill your list in a flash on your desktop after you put your kids to bed. We save your online cart in case you can't complete your order at that time so you can shop for sauces, spices and marinades at your leisure, and our easy-to-navigate website boasts category breakdowns to help you locate products in a flash.

Pick out your favourite pasta sauce online, then add noodles to match it for a tasty meal. Select your preferred brands from the sidebar when you know exactly what you want to buy, or choose filters that show you products that match your lifestyle, including vegetarian and vegan-friendly pasta sauces and options with no gluten, wheat or sugar. 

When you shop pasta sauce at, you save time by selecting the items and letting our associates gather your list. Just visit our website or mobile app, choose the store location closest to you and select a time for grocery pickup or delivery. These convenient options ensure you get all the food and household supplies you shop for weekly plus little luxuries to treat yourself or family members, all at the everyday low prices you expect from Walmart Canada.

Include these fresh pasta sauces in your next dinner

Explore your culinary horizons by pairing pasta sauces from Walmart Canada with noodles to create delicious Italian fare. Choose versatile basil-based pesto sauce for a tasty treat on everything from farfalle and fusilli to orzo and orecchiette, or select fettuccini to go with cream- and cheese-based alfredo sauce. Layer lasagna noodles with Italian sausage or mushroom tomato sauce and ricotta cheese to make the classic casserole dish, or opt for delicious basics, like classic basil tomato sauce and spaghetti noodles. 

Round out appetizers with olive pate or by adding bruschetta to crostinis, and take potluck dinners to the next level by using vegetable mix sauces for rice and pasta salads. Wrapped pastas like ravioli mesh beautifully with traditional marinara and spicy arrabbiata sauces, while vermicelli and linguine complement light seafood-based sauces and garlic-heavy tomato sauces. No matter your taste in Italian food, we have pasta sauce and noodle combinations that help you make quick, simple and tasty weeknight dinners without breaking your grocery budget.

Order online. Choose pickup at checkout

Use pasta sauce grocery pickup when you need to get a few things but don't feel like going to the store. Add the products you desire to your virtual cart at any time, then opt to pick up your order at your convenience. Since you pay for your groceries and household supplies online, you only have to pull up to the Walmart Canada location you select and let the associate load it into your vehicle. 

To save even more time and hassle, opt for pasta sauce grocery delivery. With this convenient option, you don't even have to leave the house to get either your weekly shopping order or items you forgot off your list on your last trip to the store. We bring everything from pet supplies and baked goods to your door at a time you select, saving you time and gas money in the process.


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