Happy Lunar New Year!

Tips for a great Lunar New Year celebration

Shop all the ingredients you need for dinner

Whatever your dinner plans are for the Lunar New Year celebration, find all the ingredients for the main course and sides right here.

Choose all the favourite desserts for festivities this year

Compliment all your Lunar New Year diner festivities with delicious desserts of your choice.

Get all the best gifts for your immediate family gathering

Shop for gifts for all the immediate family members and make this Lunar New Year celebration a memorable one.

Buy and exchange your digital red envelopes

This Lunar New Year, be sure to send a digital red envelope to your close friends and family.

Gather up everyone outside of the immediate family for a virtual party

You can still celebrate the Lunar New Year with friends and family safely during this COVID-19 pandemic by holding a large virtual meeting and dinner, using your favourite video chat service.



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