Hasbro toys and board games have been delighting young minds for nearly 100 years. During this time, Hasbro has manufactured some of the most iconic toys including G.I. Joe figures, My Little Pony, and Nerf Blasters. Let’s not forget Hasbro’s impact on board games, as they have manufactured some of the most popular board games of the last century, including Boggle and of course, Monopoly.

Hasbro Toys & Games

Hasbro Toys and board games can entertain both children and adults of all ages and from all walks of life. There are the classics from Hasbro, including the aforementioned Monopoly, as well as the ever popular and challenging Rubiks Cube. Impress friends and co-workers by how quickly you can solve a Rubiks Cube – it just takes practice. There’s also other staples such as Boggle, and even Ouija for those interested in a more mysterious game night.

With electronic games becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that Hasbro has been on the cusp of this trend. Hasbro’s electronic versions of Trivial Pursuit and Catch Phrase make it easy to take the fun with you, while travelling light. Walmart Canada carries a large selection of Hasbro toys and games at great prices!




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