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Get the Support You Need with Body Braces

Maintain proper limb alignment and keep injured areas immobile with body braces designed to help you heal. Orthopedic accessories let you treat minor sprains or strains at home, and some are designed to support physical therapy and medical interventions. Your health care provider might recommend a specific type of brace, or you might opt to try a lightweight brace at home to ease minor aches. Find body braces to support your joints, bones and muscles as they heal at Walmart Canada.

Body Braces for Torso Support

Back and abdominal support braces keep your core stabilized during everyday activities. Posture-correcting body braces maintain your spine in the optimal position and help you build the necessary muscle strength to hold your torso upright. When you're wearing the brace, you can't slouch or slump your shoulders, which trains your body to remain properly aligned. Body braces that keep your collarbone in place help clavicle injuries heal more quickly, and models that sit low on your back provide lumbar support. Groin support bands help prevent hernias from protruding while they heal, and hip braces help with pain relief after hip surgery.

Arm and Shoulder Stabilization

Orthopedic braces for your arm and shoulder relieve pressure on these areas during recovery. Arm slings keep your arm elevated, and they are removable so you can take off the sling during physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions. Adjustable straps adapt the sling to your arm length. Stretchy elbow support braces slip over your arm to provide extra stability and reduce swelling in the affected arm after a tennis or golf injury. Sturdy shoulder braces help fix shoulder damage while reducing wear and tear on the joints. Look for body braces made from breathable materials to draw heat away from the area and keep your arm or shoulder cool and comfortable.

Orthopedic Accessories for Leg and Foot Injuries

Leg and foot injuries can hamper your ability to walk, drive or participate in everyday activities. Foot and ankle braces compress the area to maintain proper blood flow and support healing. A boot-style foot brace provides reliable support for tibia, fibula and ankle fractures. Wide foot beds and rocker bottom designs let you continue to walk while your injury heals. Lightweight construction reduces bulk on your lower leg. Choose an ankle strap as an alternative to medical tape when you need to add extra support during athletic activity to prevent ankle rolling. Most straps work on either foot and are size-adjustable for enhanced comfort.

Hand and Wrist Braces

Braces crafted specifically for the hand and wrist immobilize the affected area while still allowing freedom of movement for nearby joints. These braces are particularly useful for individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and wrist fractures. Doctors may also recommend a wrist brace as part of post-operative care after wrist surgery. Reversible wrist splints fit on either hand to keep your wrist in a properly aligned position so you can participate in daily activities or sports without pain. Models with a support bar built in prevent you from overextending the hand and causing further damage. If you only need mild to moderate support for your wrist, a wraparound strap or athletic tape may provide the stabilization you need. Fingerless arthritis gloves reduce aches and hand fatigue without hampering your ability to touch and grasp objects. For finger injuries, your doctor might recommend a small finger splint that aligns your knuckles and prevents accidental bending of the joints until the digit is completely healed.




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