Eye Glasses & Frames


Choose the Right Glasses for You

When it comes to choosing glasses, you have many options. The perfect pair frames your face and shows off your style, and at Walmart Canada, you can find a great range of eyewear at affordable prices from brands you recognize. Whether you require magnifying lenses, designer frames, or you just want to finish your look with a pair of frames with clear lenses, you can find what you're looking for at Walmart Canada's Vision Centre

Designer Glasses

For those who wish for their glasses to complement their usual style and taste, a pair of designer frames may be the right choice. Well-known designer brands present options that stand out, featuring cutting edge style and quality materials. Balenciaga offers a collection of frames ranging from a quirky cat-eye design to the classic aviator. Sporting frames from the Gucci range is sure to make a statement and have you stepping out in style. Other designer brands available in our vision centre include Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Porsche.

Glasses as a Style Choice

Gone are the days of purchasing a pair of eye glasses from your local optician's office. At Walmart.ca, you can easily choose frames to perfectly suit your look even if you don't have vision problems. Clear lenses allow you to buy affordable frames in a range of styles you can match with different outfits. Our selection of clear lens frames provides the opportunity to find glasses that add sophistication and help you feel put together without affecting your vision. Opt for striking tortoiseshell frames or ones in leopard print for a fashionable touch, or add a pop of colour or sparkle to your ensemble with brightly coloured frames with rhinestones.

Making Reading Easier

Reading glasses are an easy, affordable fix for eyesight that needs a little extra help. Many people find that as they age, their eyesight isn't as sharp as it once was, and they may benefit from some assistance, especially when reading. Reading glasses come in varying degrees of magnification, meaning that you can choose a strength to suit your eyes. Purchase a few pairs of low-budget, replaceable frames to keep around the home, or invest in a sturdier pair made of durable materials for lasting wear.

Specialist Eyewear

The vision centre at Walmart.ca caters to your optical needs by providing a wide selection of eye care essentials, including solutions for contact lens care, refreshing eye drops, and specialist eyewear. 

Shop for magnifying makeup glasses, which have one single lens, allowing you access to one eye at a time, making eye makeup application so much easier for glasses wearers.

For intricate work often carried out by jewelers, dentists and watchmakers, an eye glasses magnifier allows for up to 20x magnification. Look for choices with embedded LED lights for improved illumination.

Many common eyesight conditions may benefit from pinhole glasses. Typically made from black plastic with tiny pinholes to see through, these specialist glasses can help strengthen eye muscles.

Keeping Your Glasses Safe

Once you've found the perfect pair, elastic neck straps or silicone cords are the ideal way to keep your spectacles safely hanging loose around your neck, so they're close at hand when you need them. When not in use, consider a lined eye glasses holder to protect your glasses from damage.




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