Placing Grocery Order

How do I find fresh Grocery products (milk, fruit, bread, etc)?

What are the available pick up locations?

Is there a minimum order value to be eligible for Walmart Grocery PickUp?

Are there fees for using Walmart Grocery PickUp?

Why did the price of my order change after I was given a quote?

When is the full amount of my order charged to my credit card?

Will you Ad Match grocery items?

How do I make an Ad Match request?

Can I use coupons on my order?

Add item or Change My Grocery Order

Can I add a new item to my upcoming order?

Can I change my existing order?

Can I make changes to my existing Walmart general merchandise order (apparel, electronics, etc)?

How do I cancel an order?

Shopping & Scheduling PickUp

How far in advance can I place my order?

Is there a cut-off time for ordering?

If my total order is $50, why do some items qualify for Grocery PickUp and other items do not?

What is the difference between Pantry and Pickup?

Why can’t I buy everything online that I can in store?

Will I be able to use my own reusable bags?

Order PickUp

What if one of the items I’ve ordered is not available? Will substitutions be made?

Where do I go to pick up my order once I’m at the store?

What happens if I miss my Grocery PickUp timeslot?

What if there is a problem with an item after picking up my order?

What is the return policy for perishable items?

How will temperature sensitive items be stored after my order is prepared for PickUp?

Can someone else from my household pick up my order?

What happens during hazardous weather?

Can I tip my Walmart Grocery PickUp Associate?

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Grocery Delivery

What is Grocery Delivery?

Will you deliver to condos/buildings?

What is the Grocery Delivery fee?

Where is Grocery Delivery currently offered?

Who will deliver our Groceries? Will it be a Walmart Associate?

What measures are in place to ensure proper temperature control?

Is there a minimum order amount for Grocery Delivery?

What happens if no one is home during my delivery window?

Can I cancel my order?

What happens if there are hazardous road conditions?

What if there is a problem after my order is delivered?