Outdoor Rugs & Door Mats


Outdoor Rugs and Doormats for Comfort and Style

Liven up your outdoor living space with rugs designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Outdoor rugs provide a comfortable surface for bare feet, and sturdy doormats welcome guests while keeping dirt and mud outside. Find outdoor carpets, small all-weather rugs and decorative mats for everyday use at Walmart Canada.

Cute Patio Rugs

Whether you're decorating a large deck or adding a comfortable layer to your stone patio, outdoor rugs bring style and comfort to your backyard living space. Designs range from contemporary abstract images to classic Oriental patterns, so you can choose a rug that complements architectural elements on your patio or your overall home decor theme. Seasonal patterns make it easy to quickly change the look of your deck or sunroom throughout the year, while simple stripes and Moroccan tile patterns give your deck a relaxed, inviting look. Find a rug that matches your outdoor cushions to make a cohesive visual statement.

Traditional rectangular rugs come in a range of sizes to make placement simple, or you can find round or square rugs to make a strong visual statement. Braided oval rugs give your backyard or porch a rustic feel, while botanical prints give your outdoor space a nature-inspired vibe. Arrange your patio seating set around the edges of your rug to create a cozy conversation zone, or place an outdoor rug underneath a patio table to upgrade your backyard dining area.

Porch Runners

Complete a long porch or balcony with a runner rug designed for outdoor use. Rugs that stretch 8 to 12 feet with a width of just 2 to 3 feet fit easily into elongated spaces without any bunching at the corners. A runner rug with a low pile works well underneath a row of rocking chairs or outdoor benches. You can also stretch one along an open veranda connecting two larger porches. 


Welcome visitors to your home with doormats that show off your personality. Choose from sophisticated designs that set an elegant tone at your front door or opt for a playful look with a colourful doormat featuring a floral pattern or woodland animal motif. Choose a casual coir doormat for natural appeal or pick a polyester mat that holds up well to daily wear and tear. Embossed and textured surfaces help remove dirt from shoes as guests enter your home. Look for models with a rubber backing to ensure stability and prevent slipping.

Commercial Outdoor Rugs

High-traffic locations need coverings that hold up to heavy use, and outdoor commercial rugs offer both good looks and durability. Sturdy commercial outdoor carpets come in a range of colours to match store or restaurant decor. Smooth, flat borders help prevent damage along the edges and create a continuous surface when placed over a doorstep or between two floors made of different materials. The low profile of a commercial rug makes it an ideal base for furniture, and these rugs resist bunching to reduce the risk of trips or falls. Look for a rug that rolls up easily for convenient storage if you plan to use your commercial rug under a temporary gazebo or pergola during events.

Specialty Mats

Outfit your RV with a woven polypropylene rug that resists mildew and lets moisture, dirt and sand filter through. Lay out the mat at your vehicle entryway to extend your outdoor living space when you stop for the night. Entry step rugs provide a gentle cushion for your feet as you exit or enter a large vehicle.





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