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Bedding Options for a Comfortable, Stylish Sleeping Space 
Create the bedroom of your dreams with bedding and accessories that match your personal style. Whether you're in high thread count search of sheet sets that pamper your skin or casual comforters to draw attention to your sleeping space, you can find essential pieces and bedding accessories in a variety of fabric options at Walmart Canada. 

Beautiful Bedding to Showcase Your Personality 
Cover your bed in a comforter, duvet or quilt that matches your bedroom decor. Patterned quilts decorate your bed in classic farmhouse fashion, while bedspreads with ruffles and lace set a romantic tone. Reversible comforters give you two different decorating possibilities, or you can use a duvet and change the cover each season for different looks throughout the year. Bed in a bag sets provide multiple pieces for fast, easy coordination. 

Essential Sheet Sets for Everyday Enjoyment 
Sheets are the foundation of your bedding. You need fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases to ensure efficient coverage of your entire bed. Sheet sets provide all three to make dressing your bed more convenient. Fitted sheets sized to fit twin, full, queen or king size beds provide a soft buffer between the mattress and your sleeping form. Seek out cotton sheets with a thread count of 300, 400 or 1,000 to enjoy a luxurious feel. Microfibre sheets offer a good balance between soft comfort, durable performance and affordability. 

Blankets and Throws to Warm Up Chilly Nights 
Blankets and throws let you easily add an extra layer onto your bed when it gets cold. Look for woven cotton blankets, fleece throws or reversible sherpa blankets to keep you cozy, or control the temperature of your bed more precisely with an electric blanket

Decorative Accessories for Your Sleeping Space 
Update the look of your bedroom with bedding accessories that complement your existing bed frame and comforter. Decorative pillows add a colourful accent to your bed, while bed runners make a sophisticated visual statement. Keep dust and debris from drifting under your bed with a bed skirt or dust ruffle. Sleek pleated versions enhance a contemporary bedding set, while versions with ruffles or eyelet lace set a traditional tone. 

Mattress Covers That Improve Your Sleep Surface 
Make your mattress more comfortable with mattress covers that add a layer of gel memory foam or soft quilting. These pads fit directly onto the top surface of the mattress for easy placement. Zippered mattress covers keep moisture, dirt and allergens from working their way into your mattress. 

Plump Pillows for Peaceful Sleep 
Whether you prefer soft pillows that gently cradle your head or firm pillows that maintain a steady shape all night long, bed pillows are an essential item for optimal sleep. Memory foam pillows contour to your head and relieve pressure on your neck, while body pillows give you extra adjustable support at various points along your arms, legs, chest and back.  

Kids Bedding for Creative Children 
Kids sleep best in a space that makes them feel happy, and kids bedding is designed to elicit smiles. Colourful comforters with kid-friendly patterns delight young sleepers and make them eager to settle in for a good night's rest. Look for bed sets featuring construction vehicles, unicorns, princesses or superheroes to appeal to your child's individual preferences. Bright colours and exciting prints fill your child's bedroom with a sense of adventure. 





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