Bed Sheets

Cover Your Bed in Breathable, Soft Bed Sheets 

Your bedroom is your inner sanctum, and getting a good night's sleep depends on several factors, including your mattress, pillow type and what you choose to use for bed sheets. When you lift the covers to slide into dreamland, it's important that your bed sheets are both visually and physically appealing.  Walmart Canada has a great selection of bed sheets in bedding sets and standalone items. No matter what fabric, colour or size you're looking for, chances are you can find ones that you prefer. Choose from vibrant colours and patterns or fun themes in children's bedding sets

Thread Count 

Thread count measures the number of threads in a square inch, so 100 threads lengthwise plus 100 threads widthwise results in a count of 200. This is just one of the ways you can measure the quality of Walmart Canada's wide selection of bed sheets. Look for 200, 400, 600 or even 1,000 thread counts that provide a soft, fine fabric for you to rest on. The same quality can be found in our comforter sets


When you shop at Walmart Canada, you can find a full spectrum of materials to choose from, including satin, cotton and mixed fabrics that lend strength and durability to the finished product. 

Embrace a touch of luxury in your bed with our satin sheets. Boasting a lustrous shine and a silky feel, modern satin sheets are typically made of polyester, which is wrinkle-resistant, combining convenience and luxury. 

Cotton is a cool, breathable fabric that may transfer moisture away from your skin to increase your comfort while you sleep. This soft-touch fabric may also have hypoallergenic qualities. If your skin is sensitive or you're prone to allergies, choose one or more of our cotton bed sheets. Many of our flannel sheets are made from warm, plush cotton, which is perfect for chilly nights.  

Fitted Bed Sheets 

Whether you're shopping for one bed or looking for slumber inspiration for the whole family, Walmart Canada has the sizes you need in a variety of materials and styles. Our fitted sheets make it easy to slip them on the bed in seconds. This is very convenient for queen and king size beds, and you'll love it when it comes time to change the sheets in kids' bunk beds

Mix and Match or Choose a Bed Set 

When you buy individual sheets, you can mix and match colours and patterns with other bedding components. For example, You can layer colour by choosing dark sheets and add pillow cases in pretty pastels, elegant greys and blues, or bright colours reminiscent of the rainbow for interest and drama.  

A sheet set makes it easy to match your basic bedding items with decorative or simple comforter sets. You can save time searching for the same style by purchasing sets that include fitted sheets, top sheets, pillow cases and shams. 

Our bed sheet patterns include damask, floral, paisley, solids, stripes and geometric masterpieces that elevate your bedroom decor. Shop at your nearest Walmart Canada store or online for all your bedding needs. 




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