Duvets & Duvet Covers


Update Your Bed With Decorative Duvet Covers

Soft down-filled duvets or polyester-filled comforters offer lightweight comfort, but they can get dirty or dusty if left uncovered. Decorative duvet covers protect the comforter inside while giving your bed an updated look. Find duvet cover sets in attention-getting patterns or basic easy-to-match colours at Walmart Canada.

Fabrics With a Soft Feel

When you pull your duvet up over your body to ward off a chill in the air, the softness of the cover makes a big difference in how comfortable you are throughout the night. Duvet covers made of 100% cotton offer a classic look and feel, and covers with a sateen shimmer are especially luxurious. Covers made of polyester microfiber or blended fabrics offer reliable comfort at an affordable price. Duvet cover sets that come with matching pillowcases help establish a coordinated bedroom, and you can seek out sheet sets in complementary colours for an even more cohesive look.

Adjustable Comfort All Year Long

A durable duvet cover lets you swap out the inner duvet for a lighter or heavier one as the seasons change. You can keep the same look you love while adjusting your duvet to get more warmth in the winter and less heat as the weather warms up. If you need temporary warmth on an unseasonably chilly day, you can add a blanket or throw to your bed instead of swapping out the entire duvet. 

Reversible Duvet Covers in Various Sizes

Enjoy double the decorating options with a reversible duvet cover that has a different pattern on each side. Using a reversible duvet cover in a guest room or child's room lets you hide accidental marks by flipping a stained cover to reveal a fresh, unblemished surface. Duvet covers come in standard mattress sizes, including king, queen, full and twin sizes, to make selecting a cover simple.

Low-Maintenance Covers to Simplify Cleaning

Machine washable duvet covers make it simple to keep your bed looking good. You just need to remove the cover and toss it into the wash, so there's no wrangling with an unwieldy bedspread or spot cleaning required. Covers that resist wrinkling and fading maintain an attractive appearance to minimize how often you have to do a full cleaning.  

Creative Prints and Patterns for an Updated Look

Get creative in your bedroom with fun duvet covers featuring prints and patterns designed to draw attention. Pretty floral motifs in subtle tones give your bedroom an aura of romance, while whimsical geometric prints in bright colours add excitement to your sleeping space. Pick an understated tranquil print to create a sense of serenity in your bedroom, or go for a modern look with a duvet cover sporting a bold geometric pattern.

Some duvet covers feature a photographic print of a city skyline or exotic locale to inspire dreams of travel adventures, while others display images of puppies, cupcakes or kittens to give your room a cute, youthful look. Pair your creative duvet cover with fun curtains and artistic bedroom decor to create a room that defines your personal sense of style.

Protective Duvet Bags for Seasonal Storage

Keep seasonal duvets, duvet covers and sheet sets protected during the off-season with duvet bags that slip under your bed or onto a closet shelf. Zippered bags with transparent windows let you see at a glance which duvet cover or bedspread is inside the bag without opening it first.



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