Cover Your Sleep Space in Style and Function with Bedspreads

From comforters to coverlets, bedspreads top the space in your house where you spend around a third of your life. Even when you're not sleeping, bedspreads can brighten your room and make your private boudoir more enjoyable to spend time in. Find what you need to create a slumber space that fits your personality and holds you cozy at night. Walmart Canada carries a wide selection of bed toppers, including comforter sets, bed quilts and specialty blankets.

To Buy a Set or Not To Buy a Set

One of the first questions you'll need to answer when purchasing bedspreads is whether you want to buy a set or only purchase the top layer of bedding. Sets typically include matching sheets and pillow cases; some may also include additional elements such as bed skirts and pillow shams. The benefit of a set is that it's an easy way to ensure everything matches. It's also a single purchase, which can save you time.

One major drawback of a set is that if you have an odd mattress size, the sheets may not fit correctly. For example, you might have a full size mattress, but it's a pillow-top with extra depth. A standard set of sheets won't stay put on this type of mattress, which means you may want to purchase a bedspread alone and find some complementary deep-pocket sheets to go with it.

Bedspreads for Beds of All Sizes

Once you decide whether or not to buy a set, you'll need to determine the size of bedspread you want. They're available in twin, full, queen, king and California King, though quilts are not always measured this way. For example, you may want something to cover your queen size bed, but the blankets and quilts you like are marked with measurements instead of sizes. Simply measure the top of your mattress both horizontally and vertically. Then, measure the depth of your mattress. Add it once to the vertical measurement and twice to the horizontal measurement to understand what size bed quilts or blankets you might need.

Other Factors When Buying Comforters

Other things to consider when buying bedspreads is whether they are reversible or machine washable. Reversible bedspreads let you lay the blanket or comforter on the bed up or down to get a different look for your room. Usually they are designed to have contrasting or complementing patterns and colours so you can quickly update the style of your space with a flip of the blankets.

Machine washable bedspreads are easy to throw in the washer and dryer so you can keep them clean without paying for special services. This may be especially important for those with allergies.

Mix and Match Bed Accessories

Don't forget when you're shopping Walmart Canada for the perfect bedspread to look for accessories to enhance your slumber or the beauty of your boudoir. Pillows that run the gamut from practical to posh, bed runners that add a pop of colour to solid bedding and extra throws to warm up winter nights are all options you might consider. 




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