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Layers of Comforting Warmth With Quilt Sets 

Quilt sets are an ideal way to add personality to your sleep space while ensuring optimal functionality. They can range from wild and colourful to more subdued and traditional, making it easy to match your existing decor.  Whether you're slipping thin summer bed quilts over the mattress for a pop of colour in warm months or piling several layers of lovely blankets against winter chills, the bedding selection at Walmart Canada lets you find something to match your space and sleeping style. 

Why Choose Bed Quilts Over Other Options? 

At Walmart Canada, you can find a large range of bedroom decor options to deck your boudoir, including quilts and quilt sets. These blankets make a beautiful addition to your bed and can be used as the primary covering or added for an extra pop of colour or bit of warmth. 

All season quilts keep you warm when it's cool but won't stifle you during summer months, and reversible options let you change up the look of your bed with a flip and flounce of the covers. Choosing quilts instead of duvets or comforters lets you create a simple, functional look with cleaner lines than you can achieve with fluffier bed toppings. Lighter quilted coverings can also be ideal to cut down on the heft when you're covering a king size mattress. And if you want the heavier look and feel, a quilt comforter can provide it. 

Integrating Quilt Sets With Other Bedding 

Quilts do come in sets, but you can also purchase them separately for unique bedding styles. Match a bright and wild quilt with solid sheets and pillow cases for lovely contrast that anchors your entire room. Or consider creating a layered look by laying a full size quilt on a queen size mattress; the sheets or a light blanket peak out beneath to create a fun depth of colour that can be inspiring. 

Sets are great, because you can get an entire selection of bedding you're sure will match nicely and pull your room together. But choosing stand-alone pieces can also be fun and lets you create posh sleep situations. For example, you might pair a luxury quilt with a sweet lace bed skirt for a traditional look or invest in plush pillows that couple with your quilt to create soft surroundings that support slumber. 

Quilt and Bedding Accessories 

The right quilt can be a good investment in your bedroom, but consider adding a few accessories to ensure you get the full benefits from your new bedding. If you're buying a seasonal quilt you don't plan to use all year, opt for a storage bag to keep it in. This reduces dust, mold and even pest infestations, all of which can damage your bedding or make it less enjoyable. Vacuum-sealed bags let you suck the air out of storage containers, minimizing the space your quilts require and making them easy to stack and organize. 

From sachets to ensure your bedding smells fresh to luxury quilts and other bedding, Walmart Canada has the cozy options you require to make your bedroom a supportive landscape for dreams. 





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