Blankets & Weighted Blankets


Blankets to Keep You Warm and Cozy 
Ward off a chill with soft, snuggly blankets and throws. From staying warm at a tailgating party to adding an extra layer to your bed on chilly nights, these cozy throws come in handy around the house. A throw or blanket also makes a great gift that the recipient is sure to use. Find woven cotton, polyester flannel and fleece blankets for your bed or sofa at Walmart Canada. 

Bed Blankets Offer Extra Warmth
On cold nights, a sheet set and comforter might not be enough to keep you comfortable while you sleep. Bed blankets designed to fit a twin, full, queen or king-size bed make adding an extra layer simple. Consider the weave when you're buying a blanket for the bed. A loose weave lets more air flow through, making it best for spring and fall, while a thick, tight weave provides extra insulation in the depth of winter. For even more warmth, consider electric blankets. Heated blankets with multiple heat levels let you optimize the comfort level to your personal preference. 

Cozy Throws for Comfort 
A fleece blanket or throw lets you wrap yourself in warmth when you're on the sofa watching a late-night show or in the bleachers at a winter game. Use a throw to create a comfortable buffer between your body and a chilly seat, or wrap yourself up to block the wind. A lightweight blanket provides comfort yet folds down easily for convenient transport, and smooth-woven surfaces work as a ground cover during picnics. Soft microfibre materials offer a luxurious experience, and thick sherpa fleece offers extra insulation. Because a throw blanket folds easily, you can store it in a basket near your couch between uses. 

Decorative Blankets to Showcase Personal Style 
Printed images and woven patterns make a functional blanket into something more exciting. Pick a plaid pattern to match your casual living room decor, or choose a geometric print for a modern look. Solid colours make it simple to coordinate with bedding and curtains, and detailed graphical prints work in place of a comforter to give your bed an artistic look. A neutral hue combines easily with most decor, while a throw in a bright, attention-getting shade gives you a quick way to create a dramatic visual statement. Layer various blankets in different patterns and colours to add visual interest to your seating area or sleeping space. A throw with tassels or fringe adds extra flair to your armchair or sofa, and tossing one over the back of a piece of furniture helps hide any scuffs or tears. 

Fun Throw Blankets for Kids 
Fun fleece blankets for kids come in designs that appeal to children and teens. A kids throw with a favourite cartoon character lets your child bring a comfortingly familiar image along on family vacations or overnight trips to a grandparent's house. Baby blankets and swaddling cloths are sized to surround an infant in cocoon-like warmth and provide a sense of security. Teens might be interested in a blanket sporting the name and logo of their favourite team. A blanket or throw that is machine washable makes it easy to clean up accidental spills or crumbs. 




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