Pretty and Practical Pillows to Prop Up Your Decor

Adorn a bed or sofa with plush accessories that are both fun and functional. From thick bed pillows made to keep your head comfortably positioned during sleep to creative decorative cushions with fun printed designs, these essential home accessories make your bedroom or living space a more inviting place. Find pillows for home or travel at Walmart Canada.

Bed Pillows

Sleep soundly all night long resting your head on a soft, supportive bed pillow. Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of pillows with different types of fill. Those who like soft, cushioned support might enjoy down and down alternative fill materials that keep your pillow plump throughout the night. Materials such as polyester, bamboo, rayon and cotton offer plenty of comfort options, with some feeling softer or firmer than others. Look for bed pillows in different sizes, such as standard, jumbo, queen and king, to fit your sleeping space, and ones labeled with soft, medium or firm provide just the right level of give that you prefer. After you’ve settled on a type, slip on a pillow case with a graphic print or image to show off your personality and tastes.

Decorative Cushions

Decorative cushions add a touch of fun to your furniture while providing plush support while you sit or lounge. Modern graphic designs lend contemporary flair to your couch, while solid-colour squares add contrast to a monochrome bedspread. Creative fringed edges, faux fur covers or textured surfaces give your couch an eclectic look. For a sophisticated worldly feel in your living space, look for throw pillows with printed images of your favourite international destinations.

Body Pillows

Long body pillows offer lots of support for your torso and limbs whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. Expectant mothers can use a body pillow to ease pressure and maintain a consistent sleeping position throughout the night. The bendable design accommodates a wide range of sleeping and lounging positions, and the flexible cores let you roll the entire thing up to create a thick cushion for lumbar support.  Decorative covers let you personalize your body pillow.

Bed Wedges

Get the support you need exactly where you want it with bed wedges. Orthopedic wedges transform your regular flat bed surface into an angled sleeping space that relieves pressure on your bones, joints and muscles. Add a knee rest to align your legs and spine to get relief from back pain. Hypoallergenic foam construction makes wedges and pressure-relieving forms suitable for use by people with allergies as well as body positioning concerns.

Contoured Pillows

Contoured pillows designed for sleeping help position your head and neck to reduce snoring and sore muscles. Typically made of memory foam, these contoured rectangular head supports adapt to your individual head shape as the night progresses. Infused gel layers pull heat away from your face, head and neck to keep you cool while asleep.


Sit up in bed watching the end of the big game or finishing a page-turner novel propped up on a lounger. A high back keeps you upright, while extended cushioned arms keep you secure while providing a place to rest your hands. With a lounger, there's no need to pile up different sized cushions around you to stay comfortable. Create cozy relaxation spaces throughout a child or teen's room with loungers and bean bags scattered in various places.




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