Body Pillows & Body Pillow Cases

Enjoy Huggable Comfort with a Full Body Pillow

Body pillows add a whole new dimension to the sleeping experience, helping to reduce pressure points and improve spinal alignment. Walmart Canada has pillows in a variety of sizes and materials along with decorative body pillow cases to not only improve your sleep but enhance your bedroom decor as well.

What Your Body Pillow Can Do for You

The majority of sleepers are side sleepers, but this position often puts unnecessary pressure on the hip and knees as the body over rotates to compensate. By placing a body pillow between your legs, knees bent, you can realign your spine and sleep comfortably on your side all night long.

Hugging a soft pillow to you is a very relaxing experience, taking us back to childhood when we clutched our favourite stuffed animal. Although it is also satisfactory to hug a sleeping partner, eventually humans roll over or start to give off body heat. A pillow stays right where you put it, and some brands even help dissipate heat.

Snoring and sleep apnea are two common sleep afflictions that occur most often in people sleeping on their back. Switching to a side position with a long pillow can often help reduce symptoms.

The last few months of pregnancy can bring a multitude of restless nights, just when you need to get prepared for the sleepless months ahead. Many obstetricians recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side, particularly the left side, which helps ensure steady blood flow to the uterus. A pregnancy pillow can be a tremendous help to ease into this sleep position, and has letter-shaped styles to suit any size pregnancy bump.

There are many other conditions that may interfere with your sleep patterns, leaving you exhausted in the morning. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, restless legs, or have back, neck or joint pain, try out an ultra soft body pillow; it might be the relief you’ve been searching for.

What You Can Do for Your Body Pillow

Once you’ve discovered the joys of sleeping with a supportive cushion, you’ll want to keep it in good condition. Protectors, such as those by Mainstays, help prevent staining from excess perspiration and reduce the accumulation of dust and other microbes. Made of washable 100% polyester and fitted with a zippered close, these body pillow covers can help lengthen the life of your pillow.

Now that your pillow is safe and secure, you can start decorating it. Walmart Canada carries hundreds of pillowcase designs, so you're sure to find one to match your personal style and bedding set.

GCKG has stunningly realistic scenes ranging from starry nights to ocean views and a selection of animal prints sure to tug at your heartstrings. For the minimalist, there is an assortment of geometric patterns, and romantics will love the large and small floral motifs.

Sold in sets of two, colourful body pillowcases by Unique Bargains are made from 100% super-soft microfibre, and their envelope closure makes broken zippers a thing of the past.

One-of-A-Kind Designs and Gift Ideas

No doubt you know of a person who would benefit from a body pillow whether it’s a partner who’s jealous of yours or a sleep-deprived friend. How about giving a pillow and a unique cover to a recent high school graduate? Walmart Canada carries pillowcases decorated with college logos and favourite NHL teams.

Kids will love the combination sleeping bag/body pillow in fluffy animal shapes. It's a great gift for grandkids or to celebrate a child’s first sleepover party.

For those with very specific comfort concerns, Bodyform Orthopedic has a line of pillows designed to accommodate knee and neck positioning along with wedges to help you sit upright in bed or to prevent turning during the night.

Full body pillows offer a host of advantages to sleepers, and with the range of shapes, sizes and materials available are sure to suit your needs. Choose which one you would like to snuggle up with and start enjoying restful nights of rejuvenating sleep. 





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