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Spruce Up Your Windows with the Right Curtain

Your windows provide natural light and a canvas for decoration. During the holidays, you might surround them with lights or hang festive garlands. Painted shutters on the exterior of your house might block the wind and add some extra insulation. Inside your home, blinds and curtains add privacy, block out sunlight, help keep the heat in and let you express your unique style. From traditional styles with an elegant valance to more modern and minimal designs, Walmart Canada has a curtain to match your home.

Types of Curtains

When looking for something to hang in front of your windows, you have a lot of options. Most curtains come with a particular style of pleat, with some creating a more formal silhouette and some that look more casual. For example, a pinch pleat gathers at the top to create gentle folds in the fabric. The top of the curtain has a decorative finish, and this type of pleat works with most fabrics. 

Other styles include eyelet, tab top and rod pocket. An eyelet style has inset rounds to run the curtain rod through and creates a gentle gather when the curtain is pulled back. A tab top works similarly, but instead of eyelets, this design uses extra loops of fabric at the top to thread the rod through. A rod pocket curtain has a slender pocket from one end of the curtain to another. 

Hanging Hardware

The type of hanging rod you use may impact your choice of drapes. Some curtain rods are designed to work best with lightweight materials or fabrics that have a rod pocket. Heavier, more durable rods may work well with tab top or eyelet panels. Many pleated, lined curtains are fairly heavy and require heavy-duty hardware. For these, you may also want pelmets or valances to conceal the hardware at the top. Heavy curtains typically use hooks for hanging instead of pockets or fabric loops. 

Buying Enough Panels

To get the right number of window panels, you should measure each window that needs a covering. Measurements should include both width and height, though it is not uncommon to have panels hemmed if your windows are not standard height. You want enough panels to completely cover the window when closed and provide a nice frame when the drapes are opened and secured. 

Complementing Your Blinds

When choosing your drapes, take a look at the whole room. You want something that works with the rest of your decor, including any blinds you might plan to hang. If you want vertical blinds, you might want a sheer curtain behind them to provide some privacy while still allowing in natural light. Vertical blinds are often inset into the window frame, letting you choose fabrics, colours and patterns to match your interior decor. When you don't use blinds, you might want blackout curtains, particularly in bedrooms when outside light may make it hard to sleep. 

Other Window Accessories

Curtain panels aren't the only way to spruce up your windows. You can add rustic frames, window boxes or feeders, privacy films or decals. A window box filled with flowers and seasonal blooms can be part of your everyday decor and your holiday decorations. A feeder box brings birds to the window so that you can enjoy a natural chorus in the mornings and afternoons. Different frames can completely change the feel in a room, while privacy film is a way to keep eyes out of your home while letting light in. 

Walmart Canada offers a variety of window treatments and home decor options to turn the front of your house into a statement piece. 




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