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Control Your Indoor Comfort with an Air Conditioner

Keeping cool in the hot summer months can be a challenge. You might try everything from personal spray misters to hours spent in the swimming pool. When bedtime rolls around or it's time to cook dinner, the heat can get oppressive, no matter what you do. That's when an air conditioner can come in handy. An AC unit doesn't just move air around; it actually cools off the air it blows, lowering the temperature in the surrounding area. Walmart Canada offers a variety of air conditioners to help cool both small and large rooms. 

Types of Air Conditioners

When looking at cooling solutions, there are many choices that cover cooling a single room to taking care of your entire home. Before you buy a cooling unit, it is important to understand the different options and how they should be used.  

Window Air Conditioners

Window units are entirely self-contained cooling. All of the parts needed to produce cold air come inside the box. These units are designed to fit into most standard-sized windows. In general, the larger the unit the more cold air it can produce and larger space it can cool. 

Central Air Conditioner

For whole-home cooling, a central air conditioner is usually the solution. These systems cool thing down in every room of your home, all at the same time. The outside condenser can be fairly loud, but the noise rarely travels into your home. The evaporative unit installed near the furnace pushes the cold air through your duct system to deliver wafts of cooling. From an energy-efficiency standpoint, central units are often the most effective way to cool large areas and multi-story buildings.

Ductless Air Conditioner

When your home does not have ductwork, such as homes that use radiant heat, a ductless air conditioner from Danby is a way to install cooling in every room without the upfront cost of installing ducts and the loss of space. Also known as mini-splits or through the wall systems, these units work by installing a unit on an exterior wall to act as the condenser and a dispersal unit on an interior wall to send out the cold air. Multiple rooms might need multiple units.

Portable Air Conditioner

Like a window unit, a portable air conditioner provides enough cold air to cool a single room. These units work by using an exhaust pipe that fits into a window, letting you control the placement of the cooling unit. Most are floor standing and can be easily moved from one area to another. 

Evaporative Cooling vs. AC

In addition to traditional cooling, there are also evaporative options. These coolers, sometimes known as swamp coolers, work with water and a fan to drop the surrounding temperature. While this type of cooling can be highly effective in dry climates, more humid areas don't get much benefit from an evaporative cooler, though a dehumidifier may help. Air conditioning units provide plenty of cold air in any climate. 

Buying the Right BTU

Air conditioning units are typically rated according to BTU, which measures how much heat a unit can remove from the surrounding air. The higher the number, the larger space a unit can cool. Window units typically range between 5,000-14,000 BTUs. Central air conditioning units are often rated by the ton. One ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs. To determine the amount of cooling needed for a space, measure the cubic feet or square footage. This lets you better estimate the BTUs needed to maintain a reasonable temperature. 

Walmart Canada offers a variety of air conditioning units that can cool a small office or keep your entire house more comfortable. 




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