Portable Air Conditioners


Keep Cool with a Portable Air Conditioner

Maintain a comfortable temperature in a single room with portable air conditioners designed to cool down a small space. These compact units chill the air quickly and typically have integrated wheels for convenient movement between rooms. Find portable air conditioners at Walmart Canada that fit into your home, office or dorm room.

Rolling Portable Air Conditioners

Cool down a single room with a portable air conditioner that chills, dehumidifies and recirculates indoor air. Rolling casters let you position the air conditioner exactly where you need it in the room or move the unit into a different part of your home or office as you switch locations. Ideal for rooms without access to central air or spaces that don't maintain the same temperature as the rest of your home, these units come in a wide range of sizes to handle everything from small 200 square foot spaces to rooms of 700 square feet or more.

Some portable air conditioners double as space heaters, so you can use them year-round to keep your room at just the right temperature. Washable, reusable air filters make maintenance simple, and programmable timers let you set up the unit to turn on and off at specific times of day to save energy. Models with remote controls let you change the settings from across the room. Another option for single-room cooling and heating is a window air conditioner that fits into your window frame. 

Tabletop Air Coolers

When you don't have space for a large rolling air conditioner, a tabletop air cooler offers a compact alternative. Lightweight cooling fans with a water tank help humidify dry air while lowering the temperature. Some models feature integrated lighting effects for a soothing glow during overnight use. Set one on your table, night stand or desk to stay comfortable while you sit or sleep nearby. Humidifiers and air purifiers work alongside your portable air conditioner to optimize your indoor air quality.

Small portable air conditioners with large top handles let you easily lift and move the unit, making it simple to bring the cooler to work or on camping trips. Models designed for vehicle use let you plug the unit into the dash for power. Look for a unit with an automatic shutdown function to ensure that the air conditioner turns off on its own after a specified period of time even if you forget to shut it down before leaving the room. If you only need a light cooling breeze or want to get even more air circulation, consider using a portable fan alongside or in place of your tabletop air cooler.

Handheld Air Conditioning Units

Tiny handheld air conditioners make it easy to stay comfortable anywhere you go. Space-saving designs under 5 inches long fit easily into a purse, backpack or travel bag for transport, and the small size lets you hold the unit close to your face or neck to quickly cool off on a hot day. These rechargeable portable air conditioners use a USB cable for convenient battery top-ups, and many models include a built-in stand for placement on a table or other flat surface when you want to free up your hands.

Air Conditioner Parts

Keep your portable air conditioner running well with air conditioner accessories and parts that let you complete repairs at home. Replacement fan blades, wiring and other parts help save you money. Window kits and adapters give you the option of venting a portable air conditioner out the window.




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