Improve Air Quality with a Dehumidifier

Reduce moisture in your home by using a dehumidifier. Perfect for basements and bathrooms, dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air for a more comfortable home environment and to help manage the risk of mold and mildew. Whether you need a small dehumidifier for use in tight areas like closets and pantries or a large unit capable of handling humidity in large warehouse settings, this selection of appliances from has you covered with sizes, styles and features for every need and budget.

Easy to Use

Make your living space more comfortable with easy-to-use dehumidifier units. Many options have sensors that trigger automatic settings, turning the device on and off as needed to keep your space at the ideal humidity levels. Select an air dehumidifier with continuous drainage that connects to your water lines with compatible hardware for automatic disposal of water collected from your space, or choose options with large front-loading buckets for easy dumping when the unit fills. Many have notification lights on the front, so you know when to dispose of the collected water manually, and most have handles on their buckets and splashguards to prevent messes while you carry full buckets to sinks for dumping. If you want to run your dehumidifier on a regular schedule, some units have timers for automatic operation. High-quality appliances from trusted brands like Frigidaire ensure long-lasting use in your home or business.

Great for Allergies

Stay comfortable even with allergies by using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your space. Too much moisture makes homes a breeding ground for mold and mildew, but dehumidifiers reduce the risks while also pulling potentially harmful bacteria from the air, keeping your space cleaner and your air fresher. Many of these options include cleanable or easily replaceable filters that trap allergens to further aid allergy relief and reduce your dependence on allergy medications. Breathe easier indoors by choosing dehumidifiers that run constantly or choose a small dehumidifier to clear the air in your bedroom to improve your sleep. Pair these appliances from with air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters that remove particulates to improve your home's air quality even further.

Protects Belongings

Keep your furniture, drywall and carpeting looking great with humidifiers that pull water from the air. Mold and mildew have the potential to make your belonging smell musty, but these units remove the moisture from the air that causes the odours, so your furnishings smell better. To freshen up your flooring and furnishings previously exposed to mold and mildew, pair an air dehumidifier with a carpet shampooer that has handheld attachments to make it simple to deep clean sofas and chairs. Use multipurpose cleaners designed to remove mold and mildew for an easy way to spruce up walls and surfaces once you get your moisture problem under control.

Sized Right

Discover dehumidifiers at designed to accommodate most every room size for an ideal fit in your space. For larger areas like basements, storage rooms and warehouses, select large dehumidifier units that hold up to 70 pints of water and combine functionality with air conditioners that also pull moisture from the air when you need to create a climate-controlled environment. For smaller spaces, a portable dehumidifier does the trick nicely, and most models either have a lightweight design or convenient top carry handles. For medium-size rooms, dehumidifiers with caster wheels on the base allow easy movement to other areas of your home as needed. 




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