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Keeping Things Cool With Fans

As the temperature starts to rise, it can get hot in your home. When you turn on the cooktop or heat up the oven, the temperature in your house can go through the roof. Fans help keep that hot air moving so you can stay cool. Even in the winter months, it can be nice to have air moving, circulating the heat and adding to your comfort. Plus, the sound of a fan might add some needed white noise to help you sleep at night. Walmart Canada offers a variety of fans in several styles to meet your indoor cooling needs.

Types of Fans

Depending on the cooling you need, you might want to try a few types of fans. Some move a high volume of air, while others produce a gentle breeze. The more air a fan moves, the greater the cooling effect. There are six basic options for personal cooling fans: ceiling, tower, pedestal, window, bladeless and desk. 

A ceiling fan pushes hot air down and keeps it circulating, helping cool an entire room. A tower fan offers spot cooling focused on a specific area. A pedestal fan sits up higher off the ground and might be a good option for a stuffy dining room or in an office. Window fans pull cooler air from outside or help pull hot air out of your home. Bladeless fans offer similar levels of cooling to a tower fan, but no blades means it is safe to use around pets and small children. A small desk fan is a great way to cool off a single person. 

Selecting the Right Type of Fan

For a small room with good crossflow, a window fan might be the best choice. If you install one fan pulling air in and another on the opposite wall pushing air out, you create a steady breeze through a room. An outdoor fan might be best if you need to move a large volume of air to cool off a patio. For the kitchen, a tower fan can help push the hot air from the oven out the door. Even with the air conditioner running, cooking can build up a lot of heat. A pedestal fan might be a good option for the bedroom since it sits up off the floor. Bladeless fans, like those made by Dyson, are always a good choice for anyone with young children. There's no need to worry about fingers getting caught in the fan since there is no rotating blade. 

Outdoor Cooking Made Cool

A big, tower fan or stand fan, like those made by Sunbeam, can turn the process of grilling food into a comfortable experience. Manning the grill gets hot in the summer, with all of the heat from the cooking surface and the beating sun combining to create a sauna-like effect. A heavy output fan helps you stay cool while putting up some hot dishes. 

Sharing the Breeze

When cooling an area like the living room, you may want a fan that moves around. An oscillating fan, like those made by Mainstays, turns to face different areas, helping cool those seated on the sofa and anyone in an armchair in the same room. The turning fan head helps everyone get a bit of a breeze. 

A good fan can help keep the costs of indoor cooling reasonable and make the outdoors more pleasant. Whether you need a fan to run in your tent for a camping trip or one to keep your bedroom cool during the night, Walmart Canada has an option. 




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